Mission Statement:


The Dean of Students Office (DoSO) department provides advocacy, intervention, prevention, and referral services to the university community. DoSO develops students who exercise personal responsibility, practice ethical decision making and seek social justice.

The staff of the Dean of Students Office unit of the Division of Student Life have two primary functions. First, to provide assistance and support services to students and the University community. The second is to manage the University's academic and non-academic misconduct systems. Below is some information about these functions with links to more detail.


  • Assistance/Advocacy for victims of violence, including sexual assault
  • Investigation of sexual, racial or other harassment complaints (student perpetrator)
  • Assistance in major personal or family emergencies
  • Assistance/Advocacy for students who reside in off-campus residences
  • Crisis loans to help students remain enrolled
  • Assistance services for undergraduate, graduate & professional students
  • Identification of & referral to on- & off-campus resources as appropriate
  • Managing individual student crises & campus-wide emergencies
  • Support & notification in the event of a student's death
  • Serve as consultants for faculty/staff who have concerns about students they teach or employ
  • Administration of the UW-Madison academic & non-academic code of student conduct

DoSO Dashboard data points for March 2014