Academic Integrity Statement

Academic Integrity is critical to the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a research one institution with high academic standards and rigor.  All members of the University community play a role in fostering an environment in which student learning is achieved in a fair, just and honest way.  Faculty and instructional staff set the tone in their classrooms by communicating clear expectations to their students and educating them on the consequences of engaging in academic misconduct while referring to campus resources.  Students are expected to uphold the core values of academic integrity which include honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. These core values, combined with finding one's purpose and passion and applying them in and out of classroom learning, produce students who become extraordinary citizens. This unique path of opportunities, created by each student, is commonly known as the Wisconsin Experience and impacts our campus community and beyond in significant and positive ways.   The value of a University of Wisconsin-Madison degree depends on the commitment of our academic community to promote high levels of personal honesty and respect for the intellectual property of others.

Academic Integrity Annual Report 2012-13

Academic Misconduct Process

The University of Wisconsin-Madison takes academic misconduct allegations very seriously. If a faculty member suspects a student has engaged in academic misconduct, they contact the student and ask them to explain their work. If the faculty member still believes the student engaged in such an act after meeting with them, they will decide on a sanction, which may include a zero on the assignment or exam, a lower grade in the course or failure in the course. The Dean of Student's Office is informed and will contact the student about their rights. Repeated acts of academic misconduct may result in more serious actions such as probation or suspension.

UW-Madison Academic Misconduct Process
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