Student Profiles: Kasandra Brown

Kasandra Brown

“I definitely think that the moment I set foot on the UW–Madison campus, my life was changed for the better. Everything about my Wisconsin Experience has been a catalyst for change — my involvement in the campus community continually shapes the person that I am.” — Kasandra Brown

Kasandra, a UW-Madison sophomore, has discovered that there are resources and opportunities on campus that can contribute to personal growth and a new worldview. Her work with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Campus Center (LGBTCC) has helped fuel her activist spirit; she helped to raise campus awareness by participating in a “Stop the Silence” an anti-bullying campaign, then took her leadership in that issue to the next level by organizing a statewide “Break the Silence, Wisconsin” march. Kasandra’s passion for activism was ignited during freshman year when she enrolled in an Introduction to LGBTQ Studies course, which sparked a commitment to social justice and a heightened cultural consciousness.

During her time on campus, Kasandra has found unique ways for students to discover their passions and pursue a broad range of interests. Her work with the LGBTCC has empowered her to become a support system to other students and shape her own understanding of the world.  She has learned to question and challenge what the future may bring, while still retaining a constant vision of hope within the world.

Her work with the Division of Student Life has enhanced Kasandra’s Wisconsin Experience by showing her the importance of experiences both inside the classroom and in the community. She has learned to think critically, to continually challenge, and to explore the possibilities that await her.

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