The University of Wisconsin–Madison recognizes that some members of our community will at times choose to consume alcohol. Our campus alcohol policies and practices are designed to encourage and enforce an environment in which such consumption is legal, safe, and responsible. Consumption of alcohol by individuals under the minimum legal drinking age is strictly prohibited at all University events.

All students, faculty, and staff should educate themselves about the laws, policies, consequences, and expectations related to alcohol use at UW-Madison.

Students: Most students at UW-Madison don't get into trouble with alcohol, and we want to help students keep that number as low as possible. The more you understand about safe alcohol use, the less likely you are to get into legal, medical, or academic trouble as a result of high-risk behavior. Please use this site to help guide you in making good decisions that are in keeping with your goals and values and will let you have fun without taking unnecessary risks.

Faculty and Staff: The UW-Madison alcohol policy must be followed at all university events, both on and off campus. Faculty and staff should use the information available on this site to determine when an event is considered to be a university event and then to ensure that it complies with the alcohol policy.

Chancellor's Advisory Group on Alcohol and Other Drugs created this website to increase transparency about those policies and practices and the guiding principles behind them. To view the most recent Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Certification biennial review, click here...