AlcoholEdu: An initiative at UW-Madison to reduce high-risk drinking

AlcoholEdu is a comprehensive online education program designed to provide students with the information they need to make well-informed decisions about alcohol, link their choices about drinking to academic and personal success, and help them better cope with the drinking behavior of peers, as well as respond effectively in situations where others are at risk of alcohol-related harm

Course Details
The AlcoholEdu course is comprised of two parts.  AlcoholEdu Part 1 is a 2-3 hour course.  AlcoholEdu Part 2 is a 15-minute, follow-up survey that students will receive 30 days after completing AlcoholEdu Part 1.

The course includes:

  • Alcohol-related content featuring videos, blogs, IM chats, comics, and more
  • Helpful tools, like a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) calculator and map of US laws
  • Safe partying strategies and tips for helping a friend

Who is expected to complete AlcoholEdu?
All incoming first-year students (freshmen and transfers) are expected to complete the program.

When is AlcoholEdu available for students?
AlcoholEdu will be made available before students arrive on campus through Learn@UW.

Visit for more information.

Fall 2013 AlcoholEdu Summary