There are a number of research projects at UW-Madison that contribute to our understanding of how alcohol consumption impacts our campus and community. Below are a few projects that have contributed a great deal:

UW System Alcohol and Other Drug (AODA) Survey
Since 2005, UW System Administration conducts a campus-by-campus survey of alcohol and other drug use and consequences every two years.

American College Health Association Survey (ACHA)
Since 2006, University Health Services at UW-Madison has conducted a survey on student health behaviors every two years. This survey is a part of a part of a larger national survey from the American College Health Association.

College Health Behaviors Survey (CHB)
From 1997 to 2007, annual data on student binge drinking and negative consequences was collected as a part of the Policy Alternatives Community Education (PACE) project.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Data on Crime and Alcohol Outlets in Madison
As a part of the Policy Alternatives Community Education (PACE) project, Dr. Aaron Brower analyzed the relationship between alcohol, campus area crime, and student living areas in 2003 and 2008 using GIS to visually

Policy Alternatives Community Education (PACE)Miscellaneous Research and Policy Projects
Through funding from the “A Matter of Degree” grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the PACE project took on a variety of research and policy projects from 1997 – 2007.