University of Wisconsin–Madison

Carry On, Badger!

Resilience is the idea of bouncing back. It is encountering an obstacle and rising to the occasion. It is that voice inside saying, “You can do it.”

And it is the 2018-2019 strategic focus for the Division of Student Life.

This year, the Division of Student Life is focusing on increasing student resilience through initiatives that teach well-being and self-advocacy skills. College students face a unique set of challenges, whether it’s pressure to graduate on time, managing debt or simply developing healthy relationships.

Resilience is a skill that helps students persevere in the face of adversity and can positively impact their lives far beyond the walls of the classroom.

“As a student, you will face challenges. Whether those challenges stem from your academics, a relationship, friends, funds, or family, you will have them,” says Dean of Students and Vice Provost for the Division of Student Life Lori Berquam. “How you respond to life’s hurdles is important because it builds resilience and research has shown that having resilience is a strong predictor of future success. And I want you, our students, to be successful.”

The Division of Student Life is launching a social media campaign called “Carry On, Badger” to share stories of resilience from UW-Madison students. The campaign encourages students to carry on when confronted with challenges and highlights well-being and self-advocacy resources on campus. The nine departments of the Division of Student Life offer unique services for students on a variety of issues.

Stay tuned throughout the semester for a variety of student stories, self-advocacy opportunities and connections to resources on campus. You can follow the action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We want to hear from you! Share your own story of resilience by emailing with your contact information to be included in our campaign.

Additionally, use the hashtag #CarryOnBadger on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a story on resilience or message of encouragement to your peers to be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to the student unions.

The Division of Student Life supports you along your journey here as a student and encourages you to Carry On, Badgers!