Student dialogue on social and racial justice

Now more than ever it’s important that our students find space to gather, process, and create community. A constant news cycle makes us all prone to information overload and we need take time to pause for reflection. We know events from the past few weeks have been painful, and many of you are hurting. It’s important you find space to pause and process recent events in ways that feel right to you.

Over the past weeks, Student Affairs has partnered with units from across campus to hold processing spaces. We’ve joined academic and student services departments, along with housing and residence life staff, to engage students in dialogue around recent events. The conversation doesn’t stop here; look for more processing events in the future: We are committed to continuing the conversation around how we can all do better, and how we build a community where all can learn and thrive.

All Badgers are invited to join us on Thursday, June 18 for UW-Madison Student Processing Space and Discussion. The event on Friday, June 19, Processing Space and Discussion: The role of White People in Racial Justice & Anti-Racism, will provide a space process and explore ways to commit to racial justice as an aspiring White ally.

You will be asked to fill out a survey in order to receive an invite to the event. Please see details below.

Join us

Event Goals

  • To provide a dialogue space for students to talk and process the news and media coverage of the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, and other current events
  • To build shared experiences between students around topics of race, racial justice, and social justice
  • To allow space to share strategies for self-care, learning, and further action