It’s that time of year: Let’s pause and give thanks

It’s that time of year when some of us choose to pause, reflect, and give thanks. We’d like to take a moment to give thanks and show our appreciation for the things we have in our lives, and on campus. However you choose to celebrate being thankful this year, here are a few ways we show gratitude:

1. Dejope, the ancestral home of the Ho-Chunk Nation

The land on which UW – Madison resides is the ancestral home of the Ho-Chunk people, whose Nation still calls this part of Wisconsin home. November is Native American Heritage Month, or Native November here on campus, an opportunity to celebrate the rich and diverse culture, history, and contributions of Native people. Learn more about Native November: Learn about the indigenous lands in and around Madison here:

2. UW-Madison Alumni

At UW-Madison, we have an expansive alumni network. There are more than 100 chapters of the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA). In 2018, they awarded more $700,000 in scholarships. UW alumni often help current students by allowing them to contact them for advice and career guidance.

3. Health, Wellness, and Support Services

Maintaining a healthy mind and body is a great way to excel at school and life, no matter what wellness means to you. It’s important to do your best to avoid getting sick this semester with free flu shots from University Health Services (UHS). Stop by one of our campus gyms through Recreation and Wellbeing to stay fit and healthy. Or utilize UHS’s no-cost mental health services, including individual, couple/partner and group counseling; campus-based programming, stress management, and psychiatry.

If you need immediate support, we encourage you to reach out to the Dean of Students Office, within Student Affairs.  Use this resource to connect with campus services or find assistance in identifying other helpful resources. There are several ways to connect with the Dean of Students Office. Please reach out in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

– Call: (608) 263-5700
– Email:
– Walk In: Room 70 Bascom Hall, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
– Live Chat:

4. Campus Safety

We’re thankful to all the people who work hard to keep our campus safe. For example, UW-Madison Police Department (UWPD) works to resolve issues when they happen and also patrols the campus to maintain safety. Also, SAFEwalk provides a service that escorts students late at night when they are uncomfortable walking alone.

5. Green Space

Despite living in a city, we have many beautiful green spaces and parks on or near campus. We are lucky to have Picnic Point, Allen Centennial Gardens, Alumni Park, and the UW Arboretum just to name a few. These places provide a nice getaway from the bustle of campus. Even if it’s cold, bundle up and get some fresh air.

6. Campus Partners and Colleagues

The university has more than 21,000 employees working to make the campus function efficiently. We are thankful for the faculty and staff that are dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential. Alongside staff that help in student services, technology support, and academic support, our maintenance and custodial staff works hard to ensure the buildings and classrooms are running well, and that the campus is clean (and snow-free!).

7. You — the students!

Last, and most important: YOU! We are thankful for you, our students. You all help make our university a world-class institution. UW-Madison was recently ranked the 25th best university in the world by the Center for World University Rankings, and that wouldn’t be possible without you. You constantly impress us with your achievements, your empathy and humility, and your commitment to standing up for what’s right. So, thank you, Badgers, for inspiring us every day.

Let us know what you’re thankful for with #ThanksUW on social media. Whether you’re traveling to a place you call home, or staying in town, we hope you have a safe and restful weekend. We hope you come back to campus recharged and ready to take on the last few weeks of the fall semester.