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Managing Stress in December: Tips for Overcoming the Last Month of the Semester

As the month of December approaches us here at UW-Madison, it’s important for Badger students to remain stress-free during this time filled with final exams, graduation, holidays and traveling.

Prioritizing stress management is key this month in order to keep these busy events from taking a toll on your mental and physical health.

The Division of Student Life recommends the following stress-relieving strategies for students this December:

Plan Accordingly

With deadlines fast approaching, it can be overwhelming to have a lot of tasks that need to be completed in just a short amount of time. Instead of leaving everything until the last minute, space out each one of your tasks and plan ahead. You’ll feel much more relaxed knowing that you won’t have numerous tasks to do all at once. Also, buying a cheap planner can always come in handy to keep you organized and on track.

Think Positively

A positive mindset is instrumental to achieving success and remaining cool and confident this month. Don’t think of the worst-case scenario. Don’t make assumptions. Be confident in yourself and know that with your determination and hard-work, you will reach your goals.

Select a Stress Relieving Activity

Sometimes stress can be higher than usual on a particular day, and that’s okay! If you ever feel that you’ve hit a roadblock or just can’t continue on with a task, find an activity that can will give you an immediate mental break and a fresh mindset. This could mean taking a walk on the Lakeshore Path, exercising at the Natatorium, or could even be as simple as jamming out to your favorite music for 20 minutes. Regardless of which activity you choose, these kinds of mental breaks will help you overcome your stress and get you back on track.

Surround Yourself with Friends

When your stress level is at its peak, talking it out with friends is a great way to feel supported. They can offer a new perspective on your situation and offer insights on how to help relieve your stress. Additionally, asking your friends to study with you can be a great way to motivate each other and reach your goals.

Utilize Division of Student Life and Campus Resources

The Division of Student Life offers a wide variety of resources to help students cope with stress and any other emotions they may be feeling. From the LGBT Campus Center to the Dean of Students Office, the division has nine departments with professionals that work daily with student mental health and well-being. Additionally, University Health Services (UHS) offers individual and group counseling for mental health and has many popular resources for students here on campus, including yoga classes and relaxation techniques. All of these resources are free for students, so make sure to check out all the Division of Student Life has to offer.

Have a great end to your semester!

For more tips on stress management, check out the following link brought you to by University Health Services (UHS):