New Human Resources Manager Announced: Meet Kate Kaminski

Kate Kaminski joined the Division of Student Life on August 15, as the new human resources (HR) manager. With over 16+ years of experience at UW-Madison in HR roles around campus, she brings experience working in both academic departments and centers as well as student life. She has excellent organizational and analytic skills and is employee focused and committed to fostering and developing a positive working climate for everyone.

Kate is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she received a degree in English with a minor in Women’s Studies.

We sat down with the new human resources manager to learn a little more about this new leader within the Division of Student Life. Get to know Kate Kaminski …

What are you most looking forward to working as the new human resources manager within the Division of Student Life at UW-Madison?

Kate Kaminski (KK):  I’m excited to learn about the different departments within the division and meet the people and students who work in those departments.  I love meeting new people (staff/students) and learning about their areas of expertise and how I can help them be successful in their role.

Division of Student Life (DSL): What will be the most challenging part of transitioning to a new division on campus? What are you most excited about?

KK:  The first couple months of any new position are always challenging because you are learning a new business model and the various people within the work units.  Being in the Division of Student Life (DSL) will take some time to fully understand the different departments and HR needs within them.

I am excited about starting a new chapter in my HR career on campus.  I want to get back to a division level HR position and feel like DSL is the perfect division for me to be a part of.

DSL: What is your hope for UW-Madison students as they explore/live out their Wisconsin Experience during their time on campus?

KK:  My hope for UW-Madison students would be to enjoy their time in life right now. Take time to make new friends, try new things, and enjoy all that the campus and the state of Wisconsin has to offer during this amazing time in their lives.

DSL: At the Division of Student Life, we help our students connect their passion with their purpose. What does that mean to you?

KK:  It’s always great when you can be a positive role model/influence in a person’s life and encourage individuals to be the best that they can be.  Life can be tough and we have to remember we’re all in this together. If we can help look out for each other and model this behavior, that will help in building a better society for all people.

DSL: What do you want your legacy to be both professionally and personally?

KK:  Overall my goal is to be a positive influence in all that I do.  I am not always successful, but I try everyday to be better than I was the day before.

DSL: What are your hobbies, interests?

KK:  Are kids a hobby? Just kidding, my kids and ALL their sports activities are currently my hobbies.  I have two kids who are extremely active which means I am their personal UBER driver whenever I’m not at work.