New Interim Associate Dean of Students Announced: Meet Mick Miyamoto

Mick Miyamoto, interim associate dean of students

Mick Miyamoto will join the Division of Student Life central administration team as the interim associate dean of students. With over 30 years of higher education experience working in dean of student offices as both an assistant dean of students at UW-LaCrosse and a vice president and dean of student life at the University of Dubuque, and a Badger (P.h.D, class of ’93), Miyamoto is no stranger to UW-Madison and campus life. As a graduate and former UW-Madison coach, he is excited to give back to campus, a place he once called home. Miyamoto’s first day back on campus was August 6.

His background in student affairs topic areas include residence life, counseling and life services, career services, campus ministry, student activities, multicultural student engagement, international studies, and first-year experience. His work in misconduct involving University of Wisconsin System’s code of conduct (UWS) Chapters 14, 17, and 18; sexual assault reporting; and supporting students in crisis prepare him for his work within the Division of Student Life. In addition, his background that focused on developing and advising Men United Against Sexual Assault (MUASA) student organization; creating first-year student experience curriculum; and developing new student orientation programs, will help the Division of Student Life departments continue on the strong path of supporting student success in a variety of areas.

As a third generation Japanese American who is proud of his late father, a member of the famed 100th Infantry Battalion during WWII, Miyamoto is all too familiar with playing different roles in both his personal and professional lives. He is accustomed to helping others when help is needed and this role as interim associate dean of students is no different.

A football coach for 28 years (primarily at NCAA Division III), his coaching career culminated with an induction into the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2016 (Congrats!). As a coach he focused on supporting student athletes, but more importantly, helping undergraduates develop as leaders, in and outside the classroom.

In his free time, Miyamoto enjoys spending time with his wife and family, including two grandchildren who keep him busy. The couple enjoys reading, exercising, traveling, bicycling, the symphony, and watching Badger football, basketball, and softball.  He’s also a member of the “Midwest Clay Project” and enjoys throwing pottery.

In addition, he earned his undergraduate degree in Art Education and taught middle school for five years before heading into student affairs administration which all speaks to his breadth of experience and array of interests.

Miyamoto will help the Division of Student Life transition leadership roles as he assumes the interim associate dean of students role while Argyle Wade starts his new position as interim dean of students for the 2018-19 academic year.

We sat down with the new interim associate dean of students to learn a little more about this new leader within the Division of Student Life. Get to know Mick Miyamoto …

Division of Student Life (DSL): What are you most looking forward to working as the interim associate dean of students, within the Division of Student Life at UW-Madison?

Mick Miyamoto (MM): I’m most looking forward to being part of a team that provides outstanding service to students as they progress through the student experience.  The Division of Student Life at UW-Madison enjoys a stellar reputation and it is an honor (and humbling) to be invited to join the group.

(DSL): What will be the most challenging part of transitioning to life at UW-Madison? What are you most exciting about?
MM: I think the most challenging part of the transition for me will be to become as familiar as I can with all of the resources, as quickly as possible, so I can be an effective advocate on behalf of our students. I relish that challenge and am truly excited to get acquainted with colleagues both within the Division of Student Life and our partners from across campus.

DSL: What is your hope for UW-Madison students as they explore/live out their Wisconsin Experience during their time on campus?
MM: My hope for UW-Madison students as they explore/live out the Wisconsin Experience is for their time with us to be truly transformative. The student experience can have a profound impact on the lives of individuals and all of us who enter this profession hold that out as THE hope for students as we know first-hand how meaningful it can be. I also hope all our students come to understand what a privilege it is to be able to study, learn, live, and play at a world-class institution the likes of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

DSL: At the Division of Student Life, we help our students connect their passion with their purpose. What does that mean to you?
MM: I most recently worked at a private institution and we referred to helping students connect their passion to their purpose as helping them find their “vocation” or “calling.”  There really is nothing better than helping a student make this discovery and to be a contributor to this in any fashion is a privilege! 

DSL: What do you want your legacy to be both professionally and personally?
MM: I’m confident that my professional and personal legacy are one in the same … to be remembered as someone who genuinely cared for the personal growth and development of students, family, and friends.  To be remembered as someone who tried to do the best that he could to be a positive contributor.

One of my favorite quotes that I’ve clung to throughout my teaching and coaching career is: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

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