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Define Your Direction. Get Involved.

The Center for Leadership & Involvement (CfLI) promotes student involvement, out-of-class learning experiences, and leadership skill development as an integral part of a university education. CfLI registers a diverse array of student organizations, and provides services, information, education, support, advising, and interpretation of university policies and procedures to assist with the development and strengthening of students and student groups. The center also sponsors several student organizations, including the Student Leadership Program (SLP), Adventure Learning Programs (ALPS), and the Willis L. Jones Leadership Center (JLC), which provide leadership learning activities to all students.

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Every year, CfLI supports over 1,000 registered student organizations.

CfLI recognizes more than 100 Leadership Certificate recipients every year.

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Over 14,000 students attend our Student Organization Fairs.

Racial Justice Commitments

The Center for Leadership & Involvement staff acknowledges and shares in the pain and anger experienced by our students, colleagues, and community at on-going police brutality and systemic racism experienced by those who are Black, African American, and part of communities of color. We have an obligation, as a leadership department dedicated to inspiring purposeful action and positive change, to address racism and dismantle systems of oppression.

The CfLI team has engaged more formally in this work by initiating action plans that align with our stated racial justice commitments, while also advancing broader UW-Madison and Student Affairs priorities. This year we’ll develop a diversity, inclusion, and social justice pilot training for registered student organizations and expand staff accountability in our performance review process. Our programming will more explicitly connect to society’s challenges and focus on building capacity to create social change. We’ll increase educational opportunities for our staff and community while ensuring that learning is translated into more equitable outcomes.

We will hold ourselves accountable for our actions and we encourage you to partner with us in bringing forth a more just University and community.

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Real Students, Real Stories

“CfLI continually provided meaningful opportunities that students would grow from. Their dedicated and genuine leadership always provided guidance in the face of challenges and always celebrated your victories, whether big or small!” -Tim Tran, ODC Student Coordinator

“CfLI was a great experience for me in terms of professional development. There were tons of new projects and challenges for me and the marketing team to address. The Pro and Student staff were a huge part of CfLI’s success because of our commitment to making the campus more inclusive for everyone.” -Eli Smith Cohen, CfLI Marketing Team Lead

“My time at CfLI has been a wonderful experience for me to grow both personally and professionally. The staff members were truly invested in my well-being and offered me many learning opportunities to gain experience in Student Affairs. I truly appreciate the support I have received from them and this office! -Madison Schultz, OATS Student Coordinator

“One of the biggest things that inspired me to get involved is being able to be a member of the strong community that is already present on campus and helping promote others to get involved with the variety of events and activities available on campus.” -Brieanna Peck, Organizational Development Consultant Team Lead

“Working for CfLI was one of the most rewarding parts of my undergraduate career. Never had I worked in such a professional, growth minding, and conscious environment. My time with CfLI was pivotal in creating a new career path for myself.” -Rick Kempf, Leadership Certificate Graduate Advisor

“To me, SLP provides a place for leaders to come together and learn how to navigate their personal growth. It shows them what it means to lead by example and inspires them to share their skills with a community in need.” -Elaine Yi, Student Leadership Program (SLP) Coordinator


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