Student Affairs announces 2020–21 employee awards

On May 2, 2021, Student Affairs held its annual staff and campus partner awards ceremony. Colleagues came together virtually to recognize one another from each of the four areas in Student Affairs (Health and Wellbeing, Identity and Inclusion, Leadership and Engagement, and Student Advocacy) for their achievements in the following categories: Commitment to the Wisconsin Experience; Leadership in Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Efforts; and Student Affairs Partner. A committee with representatives from across Student Affairs selected recipients from peer nominations based on established criteria for each award. Congratulations to the awardees listed below.  

Commitment to the Wisconsin Experience Award

As part of former Dean of Students Lori Berquam’s legacy, this award recognizes champions who have used their work at UW–Madison to have a positive and significant impact within student communities. The Wisconsin Experience is characterized by close integration of in- and out-of-class experiences; by active, creative and entrepreneurial engagement in real-world problems; and by offering students leadership in their learning.  

Kate Dougherty headshotKate Dougherty, Student Services Coordinator, Dean of Students Office (Student Advocacy)
“Kate played an instrumental role in the expansion of the Badger Fare program which focused on providing funds directly to students on their WisCard for purchases at the Union or Badger Markets to alleviate food insecurity.” 

Tom Cline, Facilities Maintenance Specialist, Rec Well (Health and Wellbeing)
“I cannot help but think that Tom is shaping the students in a positive way and that they will take curiosity with them throughout their lives.”


Morgan Keller headshot

Morgan Keller, Student Services Coordinator, International Student Services (Identity and Inclusion)
“Morgan has exemplified his own humility and intellectual curiosity through his teaching experience and orientation enhancements to best support international student transitions to UW-Madison and the U.S.” 

TJ Sargent headshot

TJ Sargent, Student Services Coordinator, Wisconsin Union (Leadership & Engagement)
“TJ’s distinguished service to UW-Madison is defined by his keen problem-solving ability and his interest in creating pathways for student success.” 

Leadership in Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Efforts (DISJ) Award

This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated leadership and courage while initiating, creating and supporting a more socially-just learning and work environment for students and staffwithin or beyond the scope of their current position. Honorees have a clear record of fostering an open, positive, inclusive campus community, and demonstrate a sense of commitment, spirit, and integrity to social justice both professionally and personally.  

Shelby Knuth headshot

Shelby Knuth, Associate Student Services Coordinator, Center for the First-Year Experience (Student Advocacy)
“Shelby truly embodies social justice advocacy through her words, actions, and leadership. She is a thoughtful leader who approaches all aspects of her work and relationships with a core of inclusion. 

Reonda Washington

Reonda Washington, Senior Student Services Coordinator, University Health Services  (Health & Wellbeing)
“Reonda is using her immense skillset and social justice and equity lens to broaden the scope to identify the elements impacting marginalized and minoritized students’ experiences on campus with the Office of Inclusion Education.”

Tev Lee headshot

Tev Lee, Associate Student Services Coordinator, Multicultural Student Center (Identity & Inclusion)
“Tev has been at the center of campus efforts to support APIDA students. He has hosted processing spaces, developed programs focused on APIDA mental health and allyship, and more — all while managing the nascent APIDA Student Center and facilitating the all-student APIDA Heritage Month Planning Committee.” 

Stephanie Diaz de Leon headshot

Stephanie Diaz de Leon, Associate Administrative Program Specialist, Wisconsin Union (Leadership & Engagement)
“Stephanie’s leadership within social justice is creating a more inclusive environment within Leadership & Engagement. We’re fortunate to learn from and work with Stephanie each and everyday.”

Outstanding Student Affairs Partner Award

The final awards were for Outstanding Student Affairs Partners. This award is given to a person, department, unit, or division that has worked with Student Affairs and advances our mission through the service of various programs and initiatives.

  • Cheryl Radzinski, Police Sergeant, University Police Department (Advocacy)
  • Todd Shechter, Chief Technology Officer, DoIt (Health & Wellbeing)
  • Gender Inclusive Housing Committee, University Housing (Identity & Inclusion)
  • Gary Brown and Aaron Williams, Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture, Division of Facilities Planning & Management (Leadership & Engagement)

Years of Service

40 Years

  1. Felix Savino 

35 Years 

  1. Tom Cline
  2. Tim Gloeckler

30 Years

  1. Jim Rogers  
  2. Janine Gage
  3. Chris Acker

25 Years:

  1. Jim Wysocky 
  2. Jim Long 
  3. David Ranzau 

20 Years

  1. Carol Pope 
  2. Jeff Dvorak 
  3. Holly Yan 
  4. Amy Regan
  5. Louise Latterell 
  6. Jane Vander Meer 
  7. Carl Korz 
  8. Julie Medenwaldt
  9. Tom Roach  
  10. Scott Topel 

 15 Years

  1. Amy Free 
  2. William Riggins
  3. Robin Good 
  4. Pamela Miller
  5. Mary Landry 
  6. Stephanie Diaz de Leon 
  7. Jeff Macheel 
  8. Riri Procknow 

10 Years

  1. Michelle Guyette 
  2. Stephanie Benson-Gonzales 
  3. Joyce Cole
  4. Kate Lewandowski 
  5. Whitney McMonigle 
  6. Owen Doran 
  7. Elaine Hirschfield 
  8. Claudia Reardon 
  9. Jennifer Kind 
  10. Alison Wilmeth 
  11. Carrie Tobin
  12. Francisco Alvarez 
  13. Billie Bach 
  14. Ray Buechner 
  15. David Elsmo
  16. Mickey Francois 
  17. Kerry Hillebrand 
  18. Mo Kappes
  19. Kim Long 
  20. Joe Padgham
  21. Michael Weisling
  22. Andrew Wetzel 
  23. Charles Wirth

5 Years

  1. Linda Belz 
  2. Mitchell Sabez
  3. Sabrine Ali 
  4. Monica Ruppert
  5. Colleen Hutchinson 
  6. Patrick Sweeney 
  7. Ryan Podolak 
  8. Madeline Kasprzak 
  9. Tessa Timler 
  10. Matthew Morrell 
  11. Sadat Khan 
  12. Noel Becraft  
  13. Sandra Wilson 
  14. Ganga Shrestha 
  15. Margarita Perez 
  16. Liz Valentine 
  17. Jamie Temple 
  18. Lezlie Painovich 
  19. Hope Reddington 
  20. Maria Gaytan Flores 
  21. Carlotta Soeder 
  22. Courtney Blomme 
  23. Jennifer Damask 
  24. Molly Zemke 
  25. Simone Collins 
  26. Jennifer Moulton 
  27. Jerod Keene 
  28. Ronald Fox 
  29. Michael Gray 
  30. Jorden Mackey 
  31. Jolene Huber 
  32. Beatriz Lavell 
  33. Prasad Shrestha 
  34. Jainaba Baldeh 
  35. Tim Borchert 
  36. Joseph Boss 
  37. Shauna Breneman 
  38. Fulgencio Cuahutepitzi
  39. Stephanie Deleeuw
  40. William Hoffman 
  41. Daniel Koch 
  42. Jillian Kubiesa 
  43. Shirley Langer
  44. Healther Macheel 
  45. Michael Marineau 
  46. Connor Peterson
  47. Monica Slater
  48. Patricia Stelter
  49. Rebekah Wegener 

1 Year

  1. Edwanike Harbour 
  2. Stacy Woodward 
  3. Jennifer Van Roy 
  4. Cristian Noriega 
  5. Jenny Bernhardt 
  6. Geoffrey Johnson  
  7. Mina House  
  8. Morgan Keller  
  9. Anna Nikolai 
  10. Katelyn Matkin 
  11. Katie Steigleder  
  12. Christina Olstad 
  13. Elizabeth Baldridge  
  14. Preamtip Satasuk 
  15. Max Wagner 
  16. Kathleen Finnegan 
  17. Ryan Keegan 
  18. Jesse Moshure 
  19. Amy Meyer  
  20. Emily Pomykalski  
  21. Xzaveion Price  
  22. Alec Triggiano  
  23. Winston Goodwin  
  24. Alfred Fredricks 
  25. Ed Janairo 
  26. Muhammed Achkar  
  27. Neal Adams  
  28. Mitchell Bain  
  29. Jeffrey Bates  
  30. Charles Benton 
  31. Mills Botham  
  32. Jesse Brookstein 
  33. Michelle Bryant 
  34. Chris Camacho
  35. Kristy Carlson 
  36. Kayla Clark 
  37. Maggie Doherty 
  38. Laura Feldt 
  39. Benjamin Floeter
  40. Mara Floeter 
  41. Gina Hall 
  42. Conner Hansen 
  43. Daniel Haryanto 
  44. Amanda Himmerich
  45. Epiphany Holmstock 
  46. Larry Jolon 
  47. Chris Keale 
  48. Abby Kennison
  49. Samuel Molinaro 
  50. Mason Muerhoff
  51. Michael Mulcahy 
  52. Kelly Nee
  53. Alex Niesen
  54. Tom Ostrander 
  55. Fernando Perez 
  56. Colin Renk 
  57. Israel Rivera Romero
  58. Adam Schwartz 
  59. Elizabeth Snodgrass
  60. Alanna Stapleton 
  61. Selena Tapia 
  62. Prasuna Thapa Magar
  63. Jack Tredinnick 
  64. Michael Voelkli
  65. Jeff White 
  66. Kristi Wickler 
  67. Gavin Zimmerman  
  68. Shane Allen 
  69. Boomer Boomsma
  70. Danielle Brzezinski 
  71. Ryan Burt
  72. Ethan Carlson 
  73. Frances Daniels 
  74. Sean Danner
  75. Maryory Diaz 
  76. Isabel Finn
  77. Tamsin Ford
  78. Gonzalo Hernandez 
  79. Vicki Keegan 
  80. Wankuen Lam 
  81. Patrick Mulhull
  82. Joaquin Pastrana
  83. Jessica Seeland
  84. Alexander Suchon
  85. Crash Warring 

Congratulations to all recipients of the 2020–21 Student Affairs Awards! We appreciate all they and so many others do to make Health and Wellbeing, Identity and Inclusion, Leadership and Engagement, and Student Advocacy the focus of their work while serving our Badger community.