Student Affairs announces 2021–22 employee awards

On May 19, 2022, Student Affairs gathered at Tripp Commons in Memorial Union to celebrate its staff and campus partners during the annual Student Affairs Awards Ceremony and summer celebration.

Student Affairs was established at UW–Madison in 2018 and has approximately 700 full-time employees, 200 part-time employees, and 3,000 student employees across 23 departments and four theme areas — health and well-being, identity and inclusion, student leadership and community engagement, and student advocacy. While each of the four areas had celebrated their version of staff awards over the years, this was the first time they celebrated collectively as Student Affairs. It was also the first time the awards were celebrated in-person due to pandemic restrictions.

“Each one of you has an important role in shaping the student experience,” said Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor at the start of the event. “I know the impact of the day-to-day work isn’t always immediately apparent — that may come much later — but the entirety of what you offer our students really is transformational.”

Colleagues recognized one another for their years of service and achievements in the following categories:

  • Commitment to the Wisconsin Experience
  • Leadership in Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Efforts
  • Outstanding New Professional (new award in 2022)
  • Student Affairs Partner

A committee with representatives from across Student Affairs selected recipients from peer nominations based on established criteria for each award. Congratulations to the following honorees.

Commitment to the Wisconsin Experience

As part of former Dean of Students Lori Berquam’s legacy, this award recognizes champions who have used their work at UW–Madison to have a positive and significant impact within student communities. The Wisconsin Experience is characterized by close integration of in- and out-of-class experiences; by active, creative, and entrepreneurial engagement in real-world problems; and by offering students leadership in their learning.

Kelly, Dr. Reesor, and Tim stand in front of red UW background with gold Bucky awards
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor (middle) congratulates Kelly Krein (left) and Tim Gloeckler (right).

Kelly Krein, Leadership and Advocacy Program Manager, Associated Students of Madison

Krein’s nomination said: “Kelly has taken the lead on many inclusive professional development opportunities for ASM staff, student leaders, which has helped create connection and learning across many topics including team building, social justice, and increasing awareness on campus. Kelly is committed to contributing to the best Wisconsin Experience for everyone she works with.”

Tim Gloeckler, Administrative Director, Wisconsin Union

Gloeckler’s nomination said: “Tim has interacted with students in a variety of capacities while working at the Wisconsin Union for more than 35 years. A program of interest that Tim has produced for over 15 years is the Badger Bash Tailgate on home football games. …Tim has harnessed the many talents within the Union and various departments on campus to develop a very uniquely UW experience that is beloved by thousands of fans each weekend who come from campus and across the state to be part of the fun.”

Leadership in Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Efforts (DISJ)

This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated leadership and courage while initiating, creating, and supporting a more socially just learning and work environment for students and staff — within or beyond the scope of their current position. Honorees have a clear record of fostering an open, positive, inclusive campus community, and demonstrate a sense of commitment, spirit, and integrity to social justice both professionally and personally.

Abby, Dr. Reesor, and Kristen stand in front of red UW background with round, glass awards
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor (middle) congratulates Abby Van Note (left) and Kristen Reynolds (right).

Kristen Reynolds, Fraternity & Sorority Life Specialist, Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Reynolds’ nomination said: “In the last year, Kristen has worked with student leaders and campus partners to create the Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Social Justice Framework to guide education, initiatives, and priorities related to DISJ within the FSL team. …She is a strong role model for FSL students to find their voices as advocates for change and challenging what it means to be a member of a fraternity or sorority at UW–Madison.”

Abby Van Note, Assistant Director of Inclusion, Club & Community Programs, Recreation & Wellbeing

Van Note’s nomination said: “Abby has worked to enhance inclusion and accessibility to better the experience of all Badgers by removing barriers to participation and cultivating environments in which all people can thrive. Abby demonstrates commitment to the title of this award through her activism, volunteer work, personal values, and her work responsibilities.”

Outstanding New Professional

This award recognizes a young Student Affairs member who has made outstanding contributions to their division and the community during the early years of one’s career. These activities must show innovation, reflect foresight, and display promise that the individual has the unique quality to positively impact the student experience.

Prisma, Dr. Reesor, and Bobbi stand in front of red UW background with Bucky awards
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor (middle) congratulates Prisma Ruacho (left) and Bobbi Skenandore (right).

Prisma Ruacho, Social Justice Specialist, Office of Inclusion Education

Ruacho’s nomination said: “Within the seven months that [Prisma’s] been here, she has already made the campus a better place. …Her work to continue educating FSL, registered student organization (RSOs), and Rec Well is far-reaching as she is actively engaging in populations that are often neglected when it comes to social justice education.”

Bobbi Skenandore, Program Coordinator for Native and Indigenous Students, Multicultural Student Center

Skenandore’s nomination said: “Bobbi’s experience, both personal and professional, has always been student-centered and focused on supporting and uplifting Native and Indigenous students to reach their academic and career goals while remaining true to their cultural identities.”

Student Affairs Partner

(left to right) Mari Magler, Paul Vogt, Daniel Pell (CTLM), Todd Lundberg (CTLM), Kyle Charters, Caitlin Farrell Haven, and Maggie Gonzalez.
McBurney Center staff with two CTLM award winners (left to right): Mari Magler, Paul Vogt, Dan Pell (CTLM), Todd Lundberg (CTLM), Kyle Charters, Caitlin Farrell Haven, and Maggie Gonzalez.

The final award recognized an entity whose collaboration with Student Affairs had positively impacted campus life.

Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring, represented at the event by Todd Lundberg, Tom Tobin, Lisa Jong, Rich Freese, Ron Cramer, Dan Pell, Kathy O’Connell, and Margene Anderson.

CTLM’s nominator said: “[The CTLM team’s] involvement and expertise in instructional design has been extremely valuable in talking through concerns and ideas with instructors – and helping them think about what is and isn’t possible for their course. …The direct result of this work was the ability for disabled students to continue to make progress towards graduation during a school year in which they may otherwise have needed to unenroll.”

Years of Service

35 Years

Tim Gloeckler, Wisconsin Union

30 Years

Chris Acker, Wisconsin Union

25 Years

Jeff Hird, University Health Services
Carren Martin, Center for the First-Year Experience
Jeff Sailor, Recreation & Wellbeing
Scott Spychalla, Wisconsin Union

20 Years

Mark Guthier, Wisconsin Union
Amy Timm, Associated Students of Madison
Kim Yocum, Wisconsin Union

15 Years

Nagamani Adibhatla, Associated Students of Madison
Paul Broadhead, Wisconsin Union
Stephanie Diaz de Leon, Wisconsin Union
Louise Latterell, University Health Services
Eliza Lopez, Wisconsin Union
Jenelle Narlock, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Henry Smith, Wisconsin Union
Escarlet Zamilpa, Wisconsin Union

10 Years

Justin Ary, University Health Services
Ben Clark, Wisconsin Union
Katharine Doran, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Julia Johnson, Central Admin
Jim Klemke, Wisconsin Union
Kurt Krueger, Wisconsin Union
Kathy Kuno, Identity & Inclusion/Student Advocacy
Jodi Lubkeman, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Karen Lux, Recreation & Wellbeing
Brian McGuire, Recreation & Wellbeing
Scott Nyberg, Wisconsin Union
Kiran Patel, University Health Services
Monica Ruppert, Parent and Family Program
Ray Scanlon, Associated Students of Madison
Mark Schappe, Wisconsin Union
Kathryn Semenchuk, Wisconsin Union
Philip Thornton, University Health Services
Tessa Timler, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Ronald Watts, Wisconsin Union
Darcy Wittberger, Identity & Inclusion/Student Advocacy

5 Years

Maria Ahmad, Multicultural Student Center
Brad Bader, Wisconsin Union
Erin Best, Wisconsin Union
Stephanie Betts Stout, University Health Services
Michelle Bond, University Health Services
Megan Breene, Wisconsin Union
John Brosius, Recreation & Wellbeing
Megan Buechner, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Angel Cartagena, Central Admin
Efrain Chavez, Wisconsin Union
Arlena Churan, Wisconsin Union
Katie Cummings, Center for the First-Year Experience
Benjamin De Boer, University Health Services
Brian Drozd, University Health Services
Gwynette Hall, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Erik Jaeke, Recreation & Wellbeing
Julie Jasinski, Wisconsin Union
Patrick Kelly, University Health Services
Lisa King, Wisconsin Union
Shelby Knuth, Center for the First-Year Experience
Kristen Lively, University Health Services
Mackenzie Lucius, Recreation & Wellbeing
Sally Lynd, University Health Services
Mari Magler, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Agustina Marconi, University Health Services
Allison McKee, Wisconsin Union
Julio Mora, Wisconsin Union
Alex C. Nelson, University Health Services
Alyssa Phelps, Associated Students of Madison
Daniel Ruplinger, Wisconsin Union
Jorge Santiago, Wisconsin Union
Hannah Scott, Wisconsin Union
Marta Staple, University Health Services
Ariel Teal, Associated Students of Madison
May Wojt, Multicultural Student Center
Holly Yan, University Health Services
Brent Wettstein, Wisconsin Union

1 Year

Kyle Charters, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Eoanna Kostapapas, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Rachael Lewis, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Shanti Lira, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Valerie Ransom, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Paul Vogt, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Katherine Wong, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Aaron Hobson, Recreation & Wellbeing
Zane Hugo, Recreation & Wellbeing
Bailey Kenney, Recreation & Wellbeing
Ian Malmstadt, Recreation & Wellbeing
Lee Weintraub, Recreation & Wellbeing
Max Homstad, Wisconsin Union
Edward Janairo, Wisconsin Union
Kendra Ramthun, Wisconsin Union
Monica Samsin-Walcott, Wisconsin Union
Mackenzie Schlangen, Wisconsin Union
Terrance Spates, Wisconsin Union

Congratulations to all recipients of the 2021–22 Student Affairs Awards! Their leadership and partnership help build a strong community of care for UW students and the entire campus community.