Student Affairs announces 2022–23 employee awards

On May 24, 2023, employees from across Student Affairs gathered in the Great Hall at Memorial Union to celebrate their colleagues and campus partners during the annual Student Affairs Awards Ceremony and summer celebration.

A committee with representatives from across Student Affairs selected recipients from peer nominations based on established criteria [link to criteria] for each of the following awards: 

  • Commitment to the Wisconsin Experience
  • Leadership in Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Efforts
  • Outstanding New Professional
  • Student Affairs Partner

During opening remarks, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor reflected on the past year and expressed her gratitude for the collective work of staff across Student Affairs: “I have been inspired by the support each one of you has offered our students, their parents and families, and one another this year and for the ways you have brought their perspectives to our conversations and how we approach our work. Your own resilience is remarkable, and I have been encouraged by your tremendous heart and courage.” 

Congratulations to the following honorees:

Commitment to the Wisconsin Experience

Vice Chancellor Reesor and Ryan stand in front of a window at Memorial Union.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor (right) congratulates Ryan Keegan (left).

As part of former Dean of Students Lori Berquam’s legacy, this award recognizes champions who have used their work at UW–Madison to have a positive and significant impact within student communities. The Wisconsin Experience is characterized by close integration of in- and out-of-class experiences; by active, creative, and entrepreneurial engagement in real-world problems; and by offering students leadership in their learning.

Ryan Keegan, Front Desk Administrator, McBurney Disability Resource Center

Keegan’s nomination said: “Empathy and humility are part of Ryan’s ethos, and he is at the heart of each student, parent, and university partner’s positive experience with the McBurney Disability Resource Center. Ryan’s genuine care and compassion for everyone is evident in his ability to remember personal details about colleagues and students, making everyone feel welcome and appreciated.


Leadership in Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Efforts (DISJ)

This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated leadership and courage while initiating, creating, and supporting a more socially just learning and work environment for students and staff — within or beyond the scope of their current position. Honorees have a clear record of fostering an open, positive, inclusive campus community, and demonstrate a sense of commitment, spirit, and integrity to social justice both professionally and personally.

Elizabeth Snodgrass, Director, Wisconsin Union Theater

Vice Chancellor Reesor and Elizabeth stand in front of window at Memorial Union.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor (right) congratulates Elizabeth Snodgrass (left).

Snodgrass’ nomination said: “Elizabeth [diversified the Wisconsin Union Theater] by bringing the art of contemporary BIPOC artists to campus and the greater Madison community through the Black Arts Matter Festival, Juneteenth Festival, and the booking of more than 50% of Artists of Color for the WUT Season. What sets Elizabeth apart is her daily action. Elizabeth lives her commitment to diversity each and every day. She understands at a higher level that a commitment to diversity is more than checking a box; it is continuous life decisions and actions.


Outstanding New Professional

Vice Chancellor Reesor and Whitney stand in front of window at Memorial Union.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor (left) congratulates Whitney Anderson (right).

This award recognizes a Student Affairs member who has made outstanding contributions during the early years of one’s career. These activities must show innovation, reflect foresight, and display promise that the individual has the unique quality to positively impact the student experience.

Whitney Anderson, Social Justice Specialist, Gender and Sexuality Campus Center


Anderson’s nomination said: “Whitney is an inspiration to work with on inclusion initiatives and programming, a steadfast advocate, passionate social change agent, and transformational educator who seeks to empower students. Whitney is tenacious about advancing efforts to ensure marginalized and minoritized students are at the forefront of administrators’ decision-making processes.

Brad Lanza, Wisconsin Welcome Coordinator, Center for the First-Year Experience

Vice Chancellor Reesor and Brad stand in front of window at Memorial Union.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor (left) congratulates Brad Lanza (right).

Lanza’s nomination said: “Brad is the first to volunteer to support external programs and can always be counted on to cheerfully participate, even if the hours are long. Brad has also contributed to a positive climate at CFYE, taking on the role of building community among professional staff through engaging social activities and appreciating the work of student staff.


Student Affairs Partner

Vice Chancellor Reesor, Kacie and Taylor stand in front of window at Memorial Union
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor (center) congratulates Public History Project, represented at the event by Kacie Lucchini Butcher (right) and Taylor Bailey (left).

The final award recognized an entity whose collaboration with Student Affairs had positively impacted campus life.

Public History Project, represented at the event by Public History Project Director Kacie Lucchini Butcher and Assistant Director Taylor Bailey.

The Student Affairs Partner Award nomination said: “The Public History Project made sure that the units of Student Affairs were a collaborative partner in the crafting of the Project’s deliverables and messaging. From blog posts to the final exhibition, PHP shared Student Affairs’ essence of putting students at the center of the work. The Public History Project advanced students’ and staff’s learning about the rich and challenging history of UW–Madison, while also offering opportunities for the UW community to reflect on where these issues are today.

Years of Service

We recognized additional anniversaries this year due to calculation oversights in years of service last year. Congratulations to all!

35 Years

Jim Wysocky, Wisconsin Union

30 Years

Lisa Heglund, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Tamar Kelson, University Health Services

26 Years

Justin Hill, Wisconsin Union
Robin Schmoldt, Wisconsin Union
Dan Wanish, Wisconsin Union

25 Years

Lisa Wadzinske, Wisconsin Union
Kara Zizzo, Wisconsin Union

21 Years

David Ankowicz, Wisconsin Union
Kim Campbell, University Health Services
Sarah Falsey, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Lance Raney, Wisconsin Union
Elena Villa, Wisconsin Union

20 Years

John Berry, Wisconsin Union
Eric Dubois, Wisconsin Union
Sue Gudenkauf, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Barbara Kautz, Wisconsin Union
Vicki Keegan, Wisconsin Union
Griselda Manzano, Wisconsin Union
Nikki Mathweg, University Health Services
Richard Simpson, University Health Services
Lhakpa Tsamchoe, Wisconsin Union
Brant Woldt, University Health Services

16 Years

Loni Ortega, University Health Services
Rodney Rotar, Wisconsin Union
Jesus Siles Brondo, University Health Services

15 Years

Kelsey Anderson, University Health Services
Christopher Bruns, Wisconsin Union
Mark Kueppers, Wisconsin Union
Maria Lema, Wisconsin Union
Mary Russell, Wisconsin Union
Danielle Saunders, Central Admin
Amy Smith, Wisconsin Union
Diana Tyczynski, University Health Services
Argyle Wade, Central Admin
Charles Wirth, Wisconsin Union

11 Years

William Cerar, Wisconsin Union
Lodoe Choedar, Wisconsin Union
Francisco Contreras, Recreation & Wellbeing
Elizabeth Falk-Hanson, University Health Services
Garren Guy, Wisconsin Union
Claudia Guzman, Multicultural Student Center
Gabe Javier, Associate Vice Chancellor, Identity & Inclusion
Jim Klemke, Wisconsin Union
Joshua Koehler, Wisconsin Union
Darcy Wittberger, Central Admin

10 Years

Lance Baldus, Wisconsin Union
Katherine Charek Briggs, Gender and Sexuality Campus Center
Todd Brown, Wisconsin Union
Paula Cody, University Health Services
Grace Deguzman, University Health Services
Valerie Donnovan, University Health Services
Beth Galantha, University Health Services
Amy Guthier, Wisconsin Union
Kathleen Keller, Wisconsin Union
Sarah Kohlstedt, University Health Services
Christina Majchrzak, Wisconsin Union
Joe Rasmussen, University Veteran Services
Raquel Sancho Solis, Recreation & Wellbeing
TJ Sargent, Wisconsin Union
Chad Schultz, Recreation & Wellbeing
Balika Sharma, Wisconsin Union
Heather Stelljes, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Leslie Stilson, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Tony Tinsman, Wisconsin Union
Matthew Vieth, Wisconsin Union
Susan Vondra, University Health Services

6 Years

Bradley Bader, Wisconsin Union
Aldo Chavez, Wisconsin Union
Jane Fillner, Wisconsin Union
Taylor Good, Wisconsin Union
Margaret Hayes, Wisconsin Union
Brittany Howell, University Health Services
Amy John, University Health Services
Tiffany Lee, Gender and Sexuality Campus Center
Allison Mckee, Wisconsin Union
Michael Mohr, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Michael Mulcahy, Wisconsin Union
Michelle Newton, Wisconsin Union
Derek Rahn, Wisconsin Union
Jim Stelsel, Wisconsin Union
Amber Vanschyndel, University Health Services
Brenton Wolter, Wisconsin Union
Dennis Wrobel, Wisconsin Union
Lorena Zarate, Wisconsin Union

5 Years

Whitney Anderson, Gender and Sexuality Campus Center
Claire Barrett, University Health Services
Tywon Benton, Wisconsin Union
Robbie Buchanan, Wisconsin Union
Timothy Cordes, University Health Services
Amy Daniels, Wisconsin Union
Dawn Dever, Wisconsin Union
Kevin Eaton, Wisconsin Union
Lori Egan, Wisconsin Union
Diana Garcia De Olivares, Recreation and Wellbeing
Maria Gomez, Wisconsin Union
Robyn Groth, University Health Services
Andrew Heidt, Wisconsin Union
Jennifer Horace, Dean of Students Office
Wei-Chiao Hsu, University Health Services
Melissa Kaminsky, University Health Services
Shelby Knuth, Center for First-Year Experience
Wankuen Lam, Wisconsin Union
Caitlyn LoMonte, Office of Inclusion Education
Wanda Manning, Central Admin
Henri Miller, Central Admin
Lyndsey Miskoski, University Health Services
Shaina Murtaugh, University Health Services
Nola Pastor, University Health Services
Carlos Pichon Cuahutepitzi, Wisconsin Union
Bhim Prasad Pudasaini, Wisconsin Union
Rosaura Ramos, Wisconsin Union
Lori Reesor, Vice Chancellor
Lawrence Russell, University Health Services
Bradley Schetter, Wisconsin Union
Kate Schnurr, Wisconsin Union
Bobbi Skenandore, Multicultural Student Center
Trevor Smith, Recreation and Wellbeing
Sara Solovey, Associated Students of Madison
Powers Spees, Recreation and Wellbeing
Benjamin Spiering, Wisconsin Union
Evelyn Stenseng, Recreation and Wellbeing
Daniel Stone, Wisconsin Union
Yancey Stull, Wisconsin Union
Noreen Thomas, Wisconsin Union
Abby Trawicki, Recreation and Wellbeing
Abby Van Note , Recreation and Wellbeing
Patricia Velasquez, Wisconsin Union
Kevin Wong, Multicultural Student Center
Kelly Yahn, University Health Services
Alexis Young, University Health Services
Samantha Zastrow, Wisconsin Union

1 Year

Rasha Alrubaye, Wisconsin Union
Shawna Anderson, Wisconsin Union
Scott Anderson, Recreation and Wellbeing
Velma Avalos, University Health Services
Lindsay Barber, University Health Services
Eliza Barter, Recreation and Wellbeing
Ross Beattie, University Health Services
Sandra Becerra, University Health Services
Kristen Beckett, Wisconsin Union
Colin Berge, Wisconsin Union
Christopher Berger, Recreation and Wellbeing
Blake Bettis, University Health Services
Ken Betts III, Wisconsin Union
Jacob Bishop, University Health Services
Gretel Brandau, Recreation and Wellbeing
Anne Bruns, University Health Services
Tyler Buenzli, Wisconsin Union
Peter Buscaino, Wisconsin Union
Anna Butler, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Warren Cage, Wisconsin Union
Ronald Cagle, Wisconsin Union
Madeleine Carr, Wisconsin Union
Anna Castle, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Margaret Cerny, Wisconsin Union
Kyle Charters, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Jordan Chester, Recreation and Wellbeing
Serena Cisneros, University Health Services
Mark Claiborne, Recreation and Wellbeing
Maggie Cloutier, Wisconsin Union
Caitlin Conway, University Health Services
Kelly Crowley, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Shara Dahlk, Wisconsin Union
Melanie Daovannary, University Health Services
Sean Dargan, Wisconsin Union
Leanne Davis, Recreation and Wellbeing
Alexander Demeuse, Wisconsin Union
Geetanjali Deole, University Health Services
Tess Dozier, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Paul Drabsch, University Health Services
Daniel Dunne, Wisconsin Union
Heather Easterly, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Antonio Escobedo, Wisconsin Union
Caitlin Farrell Haven, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Anthony Feller, Wisconsin Union
Morgyn Felty, Recreation and Wellbeing
Kendall Ferguson, University Health Services
Erica Fischer, Recreation and Wellbeing
Aurora Garcia Trejo, Wisconsin Union
Karen Gardner, Wisconsin Union
Aaron Gaustad, Wisconsin Union
Leigh Gershowitz, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Jeffrey Godecker, Wisconsin Union
Liam Granlund, Recreation and Wellbeing
Adam Gumm, Wisconsin Union
Mario Gutierrez Rios, Wisconsin Union
Christine Haas, University Health Services
Cory Hamilton, Wisconsin Union
John Heaton, Wisconsin Union
Nicole Hoerig, University Health Services
Madison House, Recreation and Wellbeing
Philip Hughes, Wisconsin Union
Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli, Wisconsin Union
Jeffrey Johnson, Wisconsin Union
Paul-Claudel Joseph, Recreation and Wellbeing
Ann Juzwik, University Health Services
Peter Keane, Wisconsin Union
Rebecca Kemplen, Wisconsin Union
Mark Kidd, Wisconsin Union
Al-Johara King, Wisconsin Union
Thomas Korslin, Wisconsin Union
Brian Koster, Wisconsin Union
Jenny Lee, Wisconsin Union
Rosareli Lopez, Wisconsin Union
James Lowery, Recreation and Wellbeing
Alejandro Luna Aguila, Wisconsin Union
Emma Mager, Wisconsin Union
Amanda Marvin, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Joshua Mayans, Wisconsin Union
Jack McGill, Wisconsin Union
Matthew Mcgrory, Recreation and Wellbeing
Gina Mcguire, Wisconsin Union
Kristh Meredith, Wisconsin Union
Tomaro Miller, Wisconsin Union
Sean Monkres, Wisconsin Union
Leyonita Moore, University Health Services
Grayson Murray, University Health Services
Andrew O’Donnell, University Health Services
John Offerman, Recreation and Wellbeing
Todd Olson, Wisconsin Union
Nicholas Papendieck, Recreation and Wellbeing
Emily Paulsen, Wisconsin Union
Erika Peepo, Wisconsin Union
Tsamchoe Pelmo, Wisconsin Union
Carmela Pichon, Wisconsin Union
Chris Porras, Recreation and Wellbeing
Maurice Powe, Wisconsin Union
Kory Pucker, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Hayley Reese, University Health Services
Olivia Rigg, Recreation and Wellbeing
Carmen Rojas, Wisconsin Union
Prisma Ruacho, Multicultural Student Center
Alexander Rzepinski, Wisconsin Union
Matthew Sablan, University Health Services
Aliza Sabourin, Wisconsin Union
Jennifer Schansberg, Wisconsin Union
Joseph Schneider, Recreation and Wellbeing
Rudy Schuebel, Wisconsin Union
Andrea Schwabe, University Health Services
Kate Schwartz, Wisconsin Union
Nora Schwenn, Wisconsin Union
Paula Severson, University Health Services
Noreen Siddiqui, Multicultural Student Center
Krista Sigarroa, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Matthew Skemp, Wisconsin Union
Andrew Smalley, Wisconsin Union
Sophia Smith, University Health Services
Cody Sorlie Theis, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Jacqueline St Onge, University Health Services
George Sundborg, University Health Services
April Szafranski, University Health Services
Matthew Thaviphon, University Health Services
Cameron Theisen, Recreation and Wellbeing
Bradley Thiel, Wisconsin Union
Gordon Thompson, University Health Services
Maria Tlahuel, Wisconsin Union
Jeffrey Turner, Dean of Students Office
Scout Umnus, Wisconsin Union
Amanda Venske, University Veteran Services
Henry Vesey, Wisconsin Union
Aaron Vieth, Office of Conduct and Community Standards
Haley Wiege, Wisconsin Union
Amara Wiggan, Recreation and Wellbeing
Thomas Wild, University Health Services
Derek Winkelman, Wisconsin Union
Cierra Yakes, Wisconsin Union
Tang Cindy Yang, University Health Services
Amairani Zepeda, University Health Services

Congratulations to all recipients of the 2022–23 Student Affairs Awards! Their leadership and partnership help build a strong community of care for UW students and the entire campus community.