Support Structure

Strategic outcome

Increase in number of students who can identify their personal structure of support.

Definition of a support system

A support system is a network of people you rely on emotionally or practically.


  • How much do you feel that there are people here on campus who… (not at all, a little, somewhat, quite a bit, a great deal)
    • … you can discuss personal issues with?
    • … listen to you when you have something to say?
    • … really care about you?
    • … you can count on?
    • … believe you can be successful?
  • How confident are you to find appropriate support services on campus when needed? (not at all confident, a little confident, somewhat confident, very confident, extremely confident)
  • Who do you go for help when you have questions or concerns about… (faculty, staff, advisor, friend, family, other, I don’t have anyone to turn to)
    • … course work
    • … career planning
    • … time management
    • … financial issues
    • … mental health
    • … physical health
    • … relationship difficulties
    • … dealing with conflicts
    • … family issues
    • … food insecurity
    • … housing insecurity
    • … feeling disconnected to campus
    • … sexual assault and abuse/traumatic experience