Faculty and Staff Resources

Resources and contacts for faculty, staff, instructors, and advisers to support a variety of student needs.

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office is the main point of contact to connect students with the appropriate campus support when they are facing personal challenges. The office consults faculty and staff, parents, families, and friends to provide holistic support to students.

Available resources:

  • Supporting and talking with students
  • Supporting DACA recipients
  • Managing classroom behavior and virtual environments
  • Addressing student misconduct
  • Student deaths
  • And more

Visit Dean of Students Office

Resources for specific needs

Students with disabilities

Captioning, interpreting, accessible language

Visit McBurney Disability Resource Center

Mental health support

 Suicide and violence prevention, trainings, consultation

Visit University Health Services


Classroom inclusivity, ally resources

Visit Gender and Sexuality Campus Center


Employment, enrollment, F-1 vs J-1 visas

Visit International Student Services

Military-connected students

Active duty policy, benefit certification, peer advisors

Visit University Veteran Services

How does FERPA apply?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that governs the privacy of student educational records, access to those records, and disclosure of information from them. Discussing a student you are concerned about with a campus office that can help you assist the student directly is permitted by FERPA if the discussion relates to the student’s experience at UW–Madison or could help the university support the student. The Registrar’s Office has more information on student rights protected under FERPA.