Who We Are

The Division of Student Life comprises departments that share a common mission and vision as well as strategic priorities. The division’s efforts are grounded in the guiding principles of: scholarly pursuits, inclusivity, self-discovery, citizenship, and social justice. The interconnecting values, strategic priorities, mission and vision are further strengthened within the context of the university’s Essential Learning Outcomes and Campus Strategic Framework.

More than 100 professional and 400 student staff, working across nine departments, dedicate themselves to helping students succeed both in and out of the classroom. Please see the Division of Student Life Organizational Chart. The following staff members comprise the leadership team in our division.

Learn more about us: Division of Student Life Annual Report 2017-18

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A campus community where students are inspired and prepared to live out their own (and unique) Wisconsin Experience.


To cultivate a Wisconsin Experience for all students that advances and interconnects their academic, professional, personal, and social development.

Strategic Priorities

The Division of Student Life is focusing energy on five priorities during the next four years (2015-2019).

  1. Increase the university’s capacity to educate and support students through sustained partnerships.
  2. Increase student cultural competency through coordinated educational initiatives and skill-based trainings.
  3. Increase student action on personal, social, and civic responsibilities by connecting them to opportunities for meaningful involvement
  4. Increase student resilience by educating on self-advocacy and well-being.
  5. Increase student application of their Wisconsin Experience to career aspirations through integrative reflection.

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Meet Your Dean of Students

Central Leadership Team

Argyle Wade

Interim Dean of Students


(608) 890-0341

Bonnie Candia-Bailey

Associate Dean of Students


(608) 263-5700

Mick Miyamoto

Interim Associate Dean of Students


(608) 263-5700

Ida Balderrama-Trudell

Special Assistant to the Dean of Students, Chief of Staff


(608) 890-2754

Divisional Leadership Team/Assistant Deans

Joanna Gurstelle

Assistant Dean and Director, Staff and Programs in Associated Students of Madison


(608) 265-5272

Gabe Javier

Assistant Dean and Director, Multicultural Student Center


(608) 262-0285

Kathy Kruse

Assistant Dean and Director, Dean of Students Office


(608) 263-5700

Mark Kueppers

Assistant Dean and Director, Center for Leadership & Involvement


(608) 890-2206

Mari Magler

Assistant Dean and Director, McBurney Disability Resource Center


(608) 263-5174

Carren Martin

Assistant Dean and Director, Center for the First-Year Experience


(608) 263-0363

Roopa Rawjee

Assistant Dean and Director, International Student Services


Warren Scherer

Assistant Dean and Director, Gender & Sexuality Campus Center


(608) 265-3344

Tonya Schmidt

Assistant Dean and Director, Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards


(608) 263-5700

Central Administration

Kate Bradley

Coordinator of Alumni Engagement & Advancement


(608) 890-2057

Kipp Cox

Assistant Dean


(608) 263-5700

Sue Duhr

Budget and Finance Manager


(608) 263-5707

Kate Kaminski

Human Resources Manager


(608) 261-1508

Kathy Kuno

Executive Assistant to the Dean of Students


(608) 263-5702

Ning Sun

Program Assistant, Student Life Assessment


(608) 262-5842

Darcy Wittberger

Director of Communications


(608) 262-0925