Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month

Voices Intertwined: Stories That Shape Us

When we unite as Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans (APIDA), we can consciously form and share a larger, ever-changing identity that supports us as we grow. Our heritages are shaped by various iterations of familial connections; unique ties to one’s cultures, histories, of activism; and care for communities that manifest themselves into the legacies we wish to build upon. Our collective is an enduring event unbound by time and space—it is the intertwining of voices and stories, whether from the past, the moments we exist in now, or the opportunities promised by tomorrow. Our decision to join together as an APIDA community is how we shape and are shaped by ourselves and each other. Existing within an identity that draws across a breadth of narratives, we choose to make our own way forward, embodying the theme for the 2023 APIDA Heritage Month campus recognition: “Voices Intertwined: Stories That Shape Us.”

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APIDA Heritage Month planning committee poses for a group photo

APIDA Heritage Month Planning Committee 2023

Juliet Chang, Chair

Committee Members
Alyssa Schroeckenthaler
Angelica Chang
Bella Christy
Cameron Mauleon
Catherine Mauleon
Cindy Dong
Elaine Pajanustan
Emily Masterson
Emily Ren
Emma Quie
Haruka Ishii
Jagriti Mehra
James Chang
Janessa Thao
Jennifer Trinh
Jessica Lindall
Kevin Phalphouvong
Lucinda Kue
Maddie Allen
Madison Xiao
Mai Lee Xiong
Maisha Islam
Maneeya Leung
Manola Inthavong
Marissa Mohar
Nadya Hayasi
Nicole Escobia
Nuha Dolby
Pazong Chang
Rachel Nguyen
Rakshya Bhatta
Rianna Mukherjee
Scy Yang
Trang Hoang
Vincent Kim
VJ Dang


Special thanks to our Fall Contributors
Anish Singh
Maia Scott
Neon Gallardo-Mambaje
Sarah Tang

Kevin Wong

APIDAHM 2023 Sponsors and Collaborators

All of Us Research Program
Asian American Studies Program
Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Student Center
Center for Cultural Enrichment
The College of Letters and Science
The Department of Educational Policy Studies
The Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement
Gender and Sexuality Campus Center
Multicultural Student Center
The Office of Inclusion Education
Public History Project
Wheelhouse Studios
Wisconsin Alumni Association: Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Affinity Group
Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

A special thanks to all of the APIDA Student Organizations and Greek Life participating!

Thank You!

The APIDA Student Center, main sponsor of the APIDA Heritage Month, is an extension of the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) at UW–Madison. We would like to extend a special and heartfelt “Thank You” to the members of the APIDA Heritage Month Student Planning Committee for their contribution, dedication, time and effort.

Make an Impact

The Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Student Center (APIDASC) serves APIDA identifying students by facilitating opportunities for academic and social support, co-curricular programming, and community building. Please consider donating transformational dollars to the APIDA Student Initiative Fund, dedicated to uplifting and affirming the voices, experiences, and dynamic lives of APIDA Badgers.