Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month 2024

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month

Ingredients, Identities, and Intersectionality

Food has the power to ingrain different tastes and cultures into the landscape of our lived experiences, filling us with memories of aromatic steam floating against our faces, numerous dishes surrounding the table, and pots clinking against the hot stove. Hoping to build upon this developing, yet possibly nostalgic, experience in the intersecting APIDA communities, we invite you to explore this powerful connection between food and our sense of self during this year’s APIDA Heritage Month. Not only does food shape our individual identities, but it also serves as a comforting reminder of our heritage, upbringing, and the places we call home. Many of us can relate to moments when food connected us as a community, creating and strengthening bonds between friends and family.

People and cultures across the Asian diaspora can find commonalities in their respective cuisines. Pào cài, kimchi, zaub qaub; kare-kare, karē, curry; te, chai, chá — each culture builds on foods in their interwoven histories and adds their own twists to make something truly unique to each. Moreover, the vast array of APIDA foods mirrors diversity and intersectionality in APIDA identities and the intricate ways they interact and overlap. Throughout the month, we hope to encapsulate these notions by highlighting the ability of food to build community and define experiences. Just as ingredients come together to create unique recipes, each individual within the APIDA community has a blend of different identities, enriching our collective experience. This APIDA Heritage Month, join us in exploring “Ingredients, Identities, and Intersectionality.

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APIDA Heritage Month Planning Committee 2024

APIDA Heritage Month Planning Committee 2024

Committee Chair:
Elaine Pajanustan

Committee Members:
Aleeya Sengdao
Angelica Chang
Angeline Grieves
Celeste Li
Cindy Dong
Emily Ren
Jennifer Trinh
Jessica Lindall
Jojo Mejias
Joseph Leyson
Juyoung Park
Kayley Seow
Lili McGuffey
Lucinda Kue
Madison Xiao
Maia Scott
Maneeya Leung
Manya Mehra
Nabah Khondaker
Nithin Weerasinghe
Ojaswi Pasachhe
Oliva Zhu
Teg Chawla
Vincent Kim

Fall-only Committee Members:
Akhil Pidkiti
Noor Bukhari
Rakshya Bhatta
Siddharth Tiwari
VJ Dang

Spring-only Committee Members:
Amy Lieu
Sophie Dai
Swad Kukunoor

Kevin Wong


Thank You!

We would like to extend a special and heartfelt “Thank You” to the members of the APIDA Heritage Month Student Planning Committee for their contribution, dedication, time, and effort.

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