MENA Heritage Month 2024, MENA in the Modern World

Middle Eastern North African (MENA) Heritage Month

MENA in the Modern World

This year’s theme, “MENA in the Modern World,” is an acknowledgment of our ever-evolving cultures. Our heritage is a mosaic of traditions, innovations, and diverse expressions that have thrived amid the ebb and flow of history. Yet, it is not a relic of the past; rather, it is a dynamic force that continues to influence and inspire the present. Middle Eastern North African (MENA) Heritage Month amplifies contemporary voices and highlights the transformations within our societies, offering a fresh perspective that transcends static narratives.

Our history has often been the victim of foreign authorship. MENA Heritage Month is a blank page for us to reclaim our stories, liberating ourselves from stereotypes and challenging perspectives that have often overshadowed the depth and complexity of our identities. In this, we honor the resilience embedded in our cultural tapestry.

MENA Heritage Month is an opportunity to look forward and actively contribute to the ongoing narrative of MENA in the modern era. This March, join us for some exciting events that embody the spirit of our evolving cultures and celebrates the forward momentum that continues to shape our collective identity.

Special thanks to the 2024 MENA Heritage Month Collective and the Multicultural Student Center for leading the month’s celebration.

Special thanks to the Middle Eastern North African Heritage Month Planning Collective


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