Happy First Day of Class, Badgers!

Welcome to the first day of class! Can you feel the energy on campus? It’s good to be back with all of you.

I’m proud to be your dean of students at UW–Madison. As your advocate, your coach, and your biggest fan, my goal – and all of ours in Student Affairs – is to help you navigate campus life and to succeed as a student.

As we gear up for fall, a few reminders on ways you can build community, stay safe and informed, and take good care.

Build community
     • It’s been fun to see so many new and returning students at Wisconsin Welcome events and programming. Download the app to connect with     campus and other Badgers.
     • Learn about campus involvement opportunities at MCOR: Multicultural Celebration of Organizations & Resources (tonight!) and the Student Organization Fair (Sept. 13 and 14).

Stay safe and informed
     • Get help when you need it.Learn about personal support available to you and how to access resources and services.
If you’re worried about another student, you do not have to navigate alone. Reach out via the student of concern report or call for 24/7 mental health support.

Take good care
     • Support your wellbeing with Recreation and Wellbeing workshops and activities, alongside tools such as Silvercloud or my personal favorite, the Healthy Minds app.
• If you find yourself in a situation where a fellow student is incapacitated due to alcohol or other drugs and needs medical assistance, know that you can get them help without fear of repercussion.

As always, if you don’t know where to go with personal, academic, or health challenges, contact the Dean of Students Office. Our staff makes this large campus feel a little smaller by helping you get answers, make connections, and find the right resources.

A new academic year means a fresh start and many opportunities for fun times ahead. I can’t wait to see you around campus, and when you find me, introduce yourself (I usually have ice cream coupons). I’d love to meet you and to hear your story.

Until then, stay well, Badgers.

On, Wisconsin!

Christina Olstad, EdD (she/her)
Dean of Students

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