Stay safe and have fun this Homecoming/Halloween Weekend

A message from your Dean of Students Christina Olstad as you prepare for the upcoming weekend:

Hello Badgers,

As we head into Homecoming week and Halloween weekend, packed full of traditions, activities, and celebrations, I’d like to share a few reminders with you, our Badger team: Be smart and safe, celebrate, and show respect, so you can U…..Rah…..Rah…..Wis-con-sin all weekend long.

Be smart and stay safe:

Travel in groups, use SAFEwalk, and look out for one another. If you see something that isn’t right, call 911, or report a non-emergency campus incident online.
Be responsible if you plan to consume alcohol. We can all play a part in preventing substance abuse at UW–Madison. If you encounter someone who is impaired and needs medical assistance, make the call for help and stay until it arrives. Both you and the person you’re helping will be protected from disciplinary action by the university’s medical amnesty guidelines. Your safety is most important — do the right thing.
Follow public health guidelines and wear masks indoors. Continue to stay updated on our UW–Madison COVID-19 response.

Let’s celebrate:

Homecoming 2021 is here: Join us for a week of events that celebrate what makes you proud to be a Badger!
… It’s also Halloween weekend: Snuggle up and watch some scary movies or carve a pumpkin using Badger-themed pumpkin stencils.
And there’s always something to do on campus: There are many non-Halloween events that you can find at Or play hard, get fit, and live well with Recreation & Wellbeing.

Show respect for all cultures and each other:

If you plan to wear a costume this weekend, be responsible and respectful. Before choosing a costume that represents a culture or an identity that you don’t hold, think about the significance of culture and how we can appreciate and learn from different backgrounds. Do research. Get to know the people from that culture and learn more about them. Read more about cultural awareness from University Housing and why it’s important.

No matter what you choose to do this weekend, be safe, have fun, and take care of each other. It’s what Badgers do.

Christina Olstad, EdD (she/her)

Dean of Students