The 2019 Summer Term is here!

Photo of students and sail boards at the Union Terrace at sunset
Hoofer Sailing Club members bring their windsurfing boards and sailboats in for the evening near the Memorial Union Terrace. Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

For some, summer is a time to reflect on the past academic year and for others, a chance to prepare for the upcoming fall semester. We also want to challenge you to be present and enjoy the now!

Take a deep breath and focus on Summer Term with zest and purpose. It’s a time to truly listen to and engage with those around you – today, here and now. Remind yourself to take a break from screens and connect with those around you with kindness, compassion and care for one another.

Also, take advantage of all that summer at UW–Madison has to offer. Here are some resources, events and activities from your friends in Student Affairs:

  1. Make the most of your Wisconsin Experience: College is more than the time you spend in class – summer can be a great time to find new opportunities for learning and growth.
  2. Be prepared. Read your class assignments. Spend time understanding the material. Seek assistance or help early from your TA or instructor if you are struggling.
  3. Be healthy. It’s good for your body and mind. Eat a balanced diet. Drink plenty of water. Breathe in fresh air. And get some sleep! Enjoy Wisconsin Hoofers and take advantage of the outdoors clubs and recreation opportunities at Outdoor UW, such as yoga on the Memorial Union Terrace. It’s important to stay healthy with resources from University Health Services.
  4. Play hard, get fit and live well with Recreational SportsGet a student membership for summer.
  5. Get involved with events at the Wisconsin Union’s Memorial Union and Union South. The Union is the home to leadership opportunities and almost daily activities and events, including free film showings and live music throughout the summer on the Terrace. While you’re a UW student, you’re a member of the Wisconsin Union. That means you receive access, discounts and benefits that come with membership. Make the most of your Union membership!
  6. If you choose to drink, be smart about alcohol use. Learn more information about UW-Madison’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs (DAAPP)
  7. Ask for what you need. If you need assistance or support along the way, reach out to a faculty or staff member or someone within the Dean of Students Office. We’re all here to support your success.
  8. Many of you may not know this, but we are on Ho-Chunk land. The Madison area and UW-Madison specifically contain many archaeological sites that document the thousands of years that the Ho-Chunk Nation and other Native Americans called this land home. Please join us in honoring and respecting this history.

We’re glad you’re here for Summer Term. Take good care and enjoy the warm weather. As always, On, Wisconsin!