How to Find Your Place as a New Student

Welcome to UW-Madison! We are so excited for you to call our campus your new home. Madison is such an incredible city and we take pride in all that it has to offer you. To make the most of your college experience, or Wisconsin Experience, here are some ideas of how to find YOUR place and community as a new Badger.

  1. Attend Wisconsin Welcome activities: Take advantage of having these events. They’re perfect for helping you get more comfortable on campus while also spending time with other new students.
  2. Get Involved: Choose one activity that’s brand new and one you already enjoy doing. Maybe you want to spend some time volunteering, or maybe you want to take action and join Associated Students of Madison or ASM, or maybe you just want to join a club!
  3. Create a Daily Routine: Use a planner. Schedule daily study time. Make sure to keep all your work organized.
  4. Work on Campus: Getting a job can be a good way to earn money while gaining experiences at the same time. It could also help you get to know some people around the area.
  5. Explore the City of Madison and use the bus to safely venture out to new areas! If you’re living off campus or completing this semester remotely, join us in online activities such as University Recreation and Wellbeing classes or find ways to get involved safely in your own community.
  6. Spend some time at the Union: The Wisconsin Union has everything in one spot. Yummy food, hands-on activities, outdoor activities, and many others.
  7. Build Friendships and Community: Take the time to get to know your fellow classmates and neighbors in the residence halls. While it may be a bit scary at first, everyone is in the same boat. Who wouldn’t want a new friend?
  8. Explore Nature: Both the UW-Arboretum and Lakeshore Path are great places to spend some time outdoors. Taking a walk can be a good way to clear your head. Additionally, Wisconsin Hoofersoffers tons of ways to get outside.
  9. Focus on your classes: The beginning of college can be so exciting that it’s easy to forget about the more important part, classes! Take time to stay organized and focus to do the best you can. Meet with your advisor if you have questions about academics.
  10. Eat healthy, sleep enough, stay hydrated, and get exercise: Focus on keeping your body and mind right. Healthy body = healthy mind!