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A small group of students sit in a circle while a leader guides them through their SOAR session outside of the Union South Plaza.

Advocacy and Support for Students, Faculty, and Staff

The Dean of Students Office (DOSO) serves as the first line of support for members of campus facing personal, academic, or health issues. Along with the Dean of Students, we work directly with students, faculty, and staff to provide resources and guidance to create a safe and caring community on campus. The Dean of Students Office also manages funds that provide direct responses and assistance to students in need. We are also the first stop for providing assistance to students who are victims of incidents involving sexual harassment or violence.

At the Dean of Students Office, we know the importance of having a strong support system. That is why we are promoting a culture of care by continuing to provide one-on-one mentoring for students and faculty through the fall and spring semester. Whether students want to talk about personal or academic issues, we offer judgment-free help with anything from reporting an incident, academic complaints, or helping a friend.

Here for Students Now More Than Ever

Food Insecurity Support Fund

The Food Insecurity Support Fund was launched to address the issue of food insecurity on campus. Donations support the Badger FARE program, a partnership between the Dean of Students Office and Division of Continuing Studies that provides $75 of immediate funds to a student’s Wiscard. With this money, students can purchase hot and cold food or non-perishable food items from dining locations across campus. Because funds go directly to a Wiscard, students utilizing the program remain anonymous to their peers, helping us to cultivate a more welcoming environment for those in need.

Donate today to help thousands of students access healthy, fresh, and varied food resources and ensure that no Badger goes hungry.

Donate to the Campus Food Access Fund

Lori Lopez, associate professor in the Department of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, talks with students.

Student Assistance Grant Fund

The Student Assistance Grant offers support to students in a financial emergency. This program supports low-income students through unexpected expenses, helping them to stay in school and on track for graduation. Too often, financial emergencies of less than $500 can be enough to derail students from their studies. Although the amount may seem small, bills of this size can become a significant burden for students. Now more than ever, unexpected expenses or loss of income can cause serious challenges for students and force them to pause their education.

Donate today to ensure that no financial emergency will take away a student’s chance at learning and thriving on campus.

Donate to the Student Assistance Grant Fund

The Dean of Students Office provided 16 crisis grants in Fall 2021 totaling $8,000.

This year saw a 72% increase in the number of grad students assisted by the Dean of Students Office.

Jones Leadership Center students

The Dean of Students Office also provided 18 crisis loans in Fall 2021 totaling $9,485.

Real Students, Real Stories

“I thought this was a super cool opportunity for people to enjoy Thanksgiving who were unable to do so because of the pandemic, financial restrictions, travel constraints, or any reason for not being able to enjoy the holiday otherwise. Making thanksgiving accessible and affordable for everyone helps alleviate other concerns so that we can reflect on the holiday and give thanks without worrying about something else.” – Owen, Junior recipient of a Food Insecurity Grant

“I find this program to be really helpful in times of hardship like this year. Being apart from home, the meal was somehow lifted my moods to go through the holiday.” – Senior recipient of a Food Insecurity Grant

“I was provided with a lot of useful information and I was referred to multiple places that could help me with my situation.” -Anonymous Student

“I super appreciated it that you guys reached out to me to make sure I was doing okay. It really made me feel like the university cared and was there to support me during a pretty tough time.” -Anonymous Student

“I did not realize that your office was even an option for students struggling. It meant a lot to have someone reach out to me.” -Anonymous Student


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