Gender & Sexuality Campus Center

Supporting LGBTQ+ Students and Their Communities

Founded in 1992, the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center (GSCC) provides education, outreach, advocacy, and resources for UW-Madison student communities and their allies to improve campus climate and their daily intersectional experiences. We work to actively address oppression in all forms and celebrate people across the spectrum of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

Your gifts help to support and continue the many programs we offer, including discussion groups, speaker events, cultural-competency and inclusive practices trainings, game nights, life-skills classes, socials and more.

Donate now to help us connect with the thousands of LGBTQ+ students on campus and support us in creating a more inclusive and equitable campus climate.

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Mentors and students meet and talk with each other while sitting at a table during an event.

Nearly 320 people are part of the GSCC’s Discord channel, our virtual platform. We also have over 2,709 subscribers to our weekly newsletter.

Over 600 students attended our campus center’s Wisconsin Welcome events this fall.

Student has an excited look on his face while posing for a photo with Bucky.

This fall we offered $3,500 in scholarships to new students.

Shows large room with colorful couches and space for hanging out and interacting with others.

Our New Space in the Red Gym Is Open!

In fall 2020, we opened our brand new and improved space! Our new location is not only larger, but it will also allow us to further our impact on campus. Our goal is to provide the services and resources necessary to meet the social, emotional, academic, and cultural needs of LGBTQ students at UW-Madison, and our new presence on campus is helping us do just that.

Our programs, advocacy, and space tell a story: you matter, you belong, and there’s a proud community here for you every step of the way.

As we continue to increase awareness and allyship and work to change the stigma around LGBTQ+ identities, we find that more people seek resources and support. This is why donations are so important to the continued success and expansion of our center. When you give, you know that your donation will go directly towards supporting students in leadership opportunities, LGBTQ+ student orgs, and events that help connect our communities and build a sense of belonging.

Give via Mail or EFT

Give via Credit Card, Venmo, or PayPal

Helping Real Students, Sharing Real Stories

“Today our work happens both [at GSCC] and virtually. A sense of space and community are more important than ever for LGBTQ+ students here at UW-Madison. We have been navigating these complicated times and coming up with innovative programming to keep our students connected to each other.” – Tiffany Lee, GSCC Crossroads Coordinator

“Spending time with other QTPOC [Queer and Trans People of Color] at these events made me feel normal – like I wasn’t being gazed at or singled out. I don’t know how to explain it. These events just kept me from feeling othered, and like I was around people who understood me.” – J.H.

“Being able to attend this event was so affirming. It’s not often that I’m able to hear from folks at the intersections of my identities – queer, trans, a person of color, and disabled. This speaker spoke to all of me and I’m so grateful for the experience.” – R. Myer

“The GSCC has provided me with resources/opportunities that I was very lucky to have access to. I have been able to be in a community with LGBTQ+ people from many walks of life (groups such as Rooted). These communities were invaluable to me during my time as a student and helped me develop into the person I am today.” – Damien O.


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