McBurney Disability Resource Center

Creating an Inclusive Campus Community

Founded in 1977, the McBurney Disability Resource Center is the office for students with disabilities and classroom accommodations on the UW-Madison campus. Our mission at the McBurney Center is to lead our campus community forward in accessibility for students with disabilities. As part of the student accommodation process, we work collaboratively with students and instructors to provide and support effective student accommodations.

We work with over 2,900 students annually, and we partner with students, instructors, staff, student organizations, and others throughout the campus and community. We strive to create a more inclusive campus environment for students at all ability levels and allow them to engage, explore, and participate in the Wisconsin Experience.

Donate today to help foster a sense of community and inclusivity for students with disabilities at UW-Madison.

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In the past academic year, McBurney assisted over 2,900 students with disabilities.

Thanks to donations from people like you, the McBurney Center awarded more than 80 students last year with scholarships to attend UW-Madison.

The McBurney Center worked with a group of students to host an online event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as the disability history at UW-Madison.

Reaching More Students Than Ever

At McBurney, we view disability as an important aspect of the diversity of UW-Madison and are committed to creating an accessible and inclusive educational experience for students. We do this by partnering with students, faculty, and staff to design accessible environments and to provide academic accommodations so that students can engage, explore and participate in the Wisconsin Idea.

Donations to the McBurney Center go far to help us support students with disabilities at UW-Madison. You can help make possible:

  • AS WE ARE, a support group for students on the Autism Spectrum
  • The Ambassador Program for all incoming students with disabilities provides incoming students the opportunity to meet with other students with disabilities throughout the year to strengthen ties to campus and ease their transition to the university
  • Expanded support for students through in-house Study and Learning Skills specialists, who are student tutors focusing on academic issues such as notetaking, time management, organization, and exam preparation
  • The purchase of technology needed for students with disabilities and to support UW Student Assessment Services, which provides low-cost assessment for UW-Madison students who suspect they may have a learning or attentional disability
  • The funding of a student liaison who works out of the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center, with a focus on students with disabilities and ensuring program accessibility

Donate to the McBurney Center

Real Students, Real Stories

“I can’t thank you enough for aiding in my financial stability which will allow me to focus fully on school and wellness.  I am so grateful to not have to choose between my finances, my health, and my grades.”  – Senior

“This scholarship will be going to help me defray my tuition cost. I am from out of state so this scholarship will really help.” Sophomore

“This scholarship will be going to help me defray my tuition cost. I am from out of state so this scholarship will really help.” – Sophomore

“With this scholarship it will help me graduate from UW-Madison debt free. A goal that I had starting my master’s program but wasn’t sure it would become a reality. What this means for me is starting life after graduate school being able to focus on my work with the disability community while also being able to have the work and personal life balance.” -Masters student

“I am appreciative and honored for [the scholarship]. Thank you for your generosity in funding, which recognized my achievements and helped me to reduce my financial burden.” – Junior

“This scholarship is particularly timely as this past year I was diagnosed with a medical condition that will require off-campus care.” – Senior


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