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Creating an Inclusive Campus for All

With a social justice lens, the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) provides programming around cultural identity, leadership development, and is home to the Asian American Desi Pacific Islander Student Center (APIDASC), Black Cultural Center (BCC), Indigenous Student Center (ISC), and Latinx Cultural Center (LCC). We strive to collaboratively strengthen and sustain an inclusive campus for all students, particularly students of color and other historically underserved students.

MSC offers a suite of leadership and engagement opportunities, culturally relevant leadership development for student organizations, spaces to gather and study, and events that elevate engaging stories and experiences of people of color.

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The MSC served 62 multicultural student organizations through its affiliation program.

The Multicultural Student Center recognized 180+ students of color at its annual graduation reception.

The MSC provided programming to serve 172 first-year students of color.

Heritage Month Celebrations at the Heart of Cultural Programming

Each year since 2017, the MSC has hosted campus-wide heritage month celebrations via its four identity centers: APIDA Student Center, Black Cultural Center, Indigenous Student Center, and Latinx Cultural Center.

The purpose of Heritage Month celebrations is to empower students to take pride in their identity by offering them opportunities to educate themselves about their culture and heritage through voluntarily planning, leading, and participating in programs and initiatives.

As a result of serving on the Heritage Month Planning Committees, students have been able to:

  • Critically think to strategically develop and enhance skills in order to plan, execute, and facilitate small-and large-scale programming
  • Work collaboratively with campus partners, student organizations, and the greater Madison community to put on heritage month programming and initiatives
  • Assess one’s own strengths and areas for growth while building community amongst peers on the planning committee
  • Find solutions to difficult or complex situations
  • Expand one’s own capacity to be effective in leadership roles and processes via communication, decision making, critical/strategic thinking
  • Identify intersectionalities within their own racial identity and other identity markers (e.g., class, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality, disability, etc.)

Real Students, Real Stories

“The Black Cultural Center has positively impacted my Wisconsin Experience by creating a safe environment for me to work, have a good laugh, or even take a quick nap in. Every time I walk in, I am always greeted with a smile from one of the front desk workers or Lauren, and they are always willing to provide resources or refill the printer. The BCC for me is a home away from home on campus and allows me to meet amazing individuals and to explore numerous opportunities.”–Brittany, Sophomore Management & Human Resources: Entrepreneurship Major

“I was able to gain a sense of belonging in a space of amazing leaders who wanted to make the most out of this experience! I was also able to gain more experience in planning events, which is something that I enjoy very dearly!” -Jocelyn Orozco (LHM ’20) 

“The Black Cultural Center is a space where you meet lifelong friends and make amazing memories. It is a space full of love, laughter, tears and education. It’s where I get to unwind from the stresses of the day with a game of spades. The BCC is my home away from home.”–Tierra, Senior Theatre & Drama Major

“[The APIDA Mental Health & Wellness program] is definitely something I will keep with me. I journaled about it and it’s given me more clarity, especially comparing my values to my family’s values. It is also good to know what mental health resources are available to students through the university.” -Anonymous

“In this experience, I have gained so much from meeting the people, to gaining skills that I had not done before. I have been able to expand my mind and gain relationships that I hope I can have for a long time after.” – Elias Moore-Barbosa (LHM ’20) 

“Applying to work at the MSC was the best decision I ever made in college. It blew open my world, gave me space to develop professional skills, connect with other students of color on campus, and pursue my passions, all while working with the most incredible team of people. I feel truly appreciated here. Not to mention that the MSC has introduced me to valuable mentors, my closest friends, and an experience of centering communities of color that has really brought me a lot of joy in my time here at Madison. It is the community that I will miss the most when I graduate.” -May Sakano, Intern 2018-2021


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