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Recreation & Wellbeing (Rec Well) Sport Clubs are student-run organizations that practice and compete at the local, regional, national, and international level. Although each club varies in its level of competition and commitment requirements, each offers an opportunity to represent the University of Wisconsin-Madison as part of a team. Even more, they provide incredible opportunities for students to compete in a sport, challenge themselves, and connect with other Badgers.

By making a gift to the Sport Club program, you are providing holistic support to make Sport Clubs possible. Gifts are used to provide professional development to leaders, increase recruitment and marketing efforts, and enhance student leader recognition at our end-of-year banquet. If you’re looking to make a gift directly to an individual sport club, please use the respective link later on this page.

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Sport Clubs by the Numbers

3,466 students will participate in a Sport Club this year.

Rec Well is home to 53 Sport Clubs (and growing) .

Annual operating expenses of $725,000.

First official Sport Clubs at UW-Madison were organized in 1970.

Give to a Sport Club

By making a gift to an individual Sport Club, 100% of donations go directly to the club to spend. Expenses for the Sport Clubs often include purchasing equipment, paying for competition fees, supporting travel costs, and updating uniforms for players. As college students seeking to play across the U.S. and sometimes internationally, these expenses add up quickly. Your contributions provide vital support to allowing students to compete and represent UW-Madison at their highest level. On behalf of our students, we thank you for considering our Sport clubs in your giving and for improving the Wisconsin Experience for one program, one club, one Badger at a time.

Donations to a Sport Club are tax deductible as allowable, and you will receive a receipt from the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association soon after making your gift. If you want to give to more than one Sport Club, please make a separate donation for each club using the respective link.

Looking to make a gift to a Sport Club that isn’t listed above? Are you a Sport Club leader looking for more information on how to start a foundation account for your club? Contact the Rec Well Assistant Director of Inclusion, Club and Community Programs, Abby Van Note, at to learn more.

Impact of Giving to a Sport Club

“The Swim Club has grown to be more than just a Sport Club, but a family of students. I look forward everyday to coming to practice and being able to be with my friends, and preparing for meets all around the country.”

-Swim Club athlete

“The Rugby Club has been a space to build brotherhood with other likeminded yet diverse individuals. Many of my best memories and friends at UW come from my time with the club. From traveling far and wide to muddy practices at U-Bay, I could not imagine I would be the person I am today if not for my club!”

-Anthony, Men’s Rugby Club

“My time with the Softball Club team has been some of my greatest experiences here at UW so far. This past year we were able to quality for Nationals for the first time, and your support helped us to finance our travel down to Columbus, GA.”

-Alyssa, Softball Club athlete

Current Sport Clubs

Aikijujitsu, Archery, Badgers for Special Olympics, Badgers Student Officials Association, Badminton,  Baseball, Basketball (M), Basketball (W), Boxing, Competitive Cheerleading, Cricket, Curling, Cycling, Dance Elite, Esports, Fastpitch Softball, Fencing, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Fishing, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey (M), Ice Hockey (W), Irish Dance, Japanese Karate, Kendo, Lacrosse (M), Lacrosse (W), Powerlifting, Roundnet, Rugby (M), Rugby (W), Running, Shorin Ryu Karate, Soccer (M), Soccer (W), Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Track, Triathlon, Ultimate (M), Ultimate (W), Volleyball (M) ,Volleyball (W), Water Polo (M), Water Polo (W), Water Ski & Wakeboard, and Wrestling

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