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Our Commitment to Health and Wellness

University Health Services (UHS) is the UW–Madison student health center, with a mission to enhance learning and student success by promoting, protecting, and restoring health and wellbeing. UHS is dedicated to providing high-quality health care, prevention, and mental health services, and we are committed to supporting students and employees. As a healthcare organization serving the campus community, we work to create and sustain an environment that respects and welcomes people from diverse backgrounds.

Your gifts help to support and continue the many programs we offer, including discussion groups, speaker events, trainings, programs for students in recovery and in crisis, and more.

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UW-Madison is administering more than 6,000 COVID-19 tests a day.

University Health Services offers high-quality medical care to over 40,000 students each year.

Mental Health Services at UHS provides 24/7 crisis assistance.

Caring for Those in Crisis

Mental Health Services (MHS) at University Health Services offers comprehensive mental health services for all University of Wisconsin-Madison students. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing experiences of racism and trauma, and other serious concerns experienced by college students, our students need us now more than ever. 

There is a growing need across the country for increased mental health services on college campuses. As a leader in the field, MHS continuously works to enhance and grow our services and our reach on the UW-Madison campus. Your gifts will help us continue to develop and implement specialized programming to support students, ensure that all students have access to mental health services year-round, and enable us to develop innovative services for students who may be at higher risk.

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Helping Real Students, Sharing Real Stories

“My approach is always client-centered; I don’t even like the word ‘client,’ it’s person-centered… It’s about them.” – Michelle, UHS Staff

“Students are wanting to access mental health services more than ever before, and that is a good thing. At MHS we take our responsibility to continuously create ways for students to access that care very seriously and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with our students every day.”  – Sarah Nolan, Director of Mental Health Services at University Health Services

“It has been amazing to see UHS take on the complex work of testing for COVID.  The onsite staff are really friendly and upbeat, and I trust that UHS is going to get it right.” – Dan, UW-Madison Staff


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