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Through Union We Gain Strength

Today, the Wisconsin Union is well-positioned to meet the ever-increasing needs of the UW-Madison student body; to build a stronger campus community for all; and to inspire a sense of ownership among its members unlike any other Union in the country. We have a proud tradition of student excellence at the Union that makes our community a reality – supported in large part through the generosity of our loyal friends and alumni. Please consider being a part of our future and leaving a legacy that matters.

André De Shields Fund

The multi-talented André De Shields has it all — a Tony, a Grammy, an Obie, and an Emmy. He also has a diploma from Wisconsin’s flagship university.  But as a student of color, he was denied opportunities on campus to exhibit his talent on stage. In recognition of the significant achievements in the performing arts by UW Madison alumnus André De Shields, and as a clarion call to enhance and improve the campus climate, the André De Shields Fund will support underrepresented UW-Madison undergraduate students with the resources and platforms for artistic expression that elevate the richness of our campus’s diversity.

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Annual Campaign

While students made it happen, it is YOU who made it possible. Your investment in the Wisconsin Union ensures that this magical place remains the social heart of campus. Your giving to the Annual Fund allows the Union to continue its long-standing tradition of producing unforgettable experiences by delivering unmatched student leadership opportunities in the process.

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Student Leadership Support Fund

Gifts will help provide immediate, needed support for student leaders with the Wisconsin Union Directorate. Donations to this fund provide annual, flexible financial awards to Wisconsin Union Directorate officers and directors in recognition of their dedicated hours of service as student leaders. Student officers receive the equivalent of 80 percent of in-state tuition and directors and club presidents receive the equivalent of 60 percent of in-state tuition.

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The Wisconsin Union receives no state tax dollars or tuition monies to support the variety of campus and community services it provides.

The Wisconsin Union is often referred to as “the heart and soul” of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The Union has enhanced the lives of millions of members and visitors since it was founded in 1907.

Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) is the student programming board for the Wisconsin Union.  Students have the opportunity to plan, promote and manage more than 1,000 events each year.

Real Students, Real Stories

“The WUD stipend that we have received has allowed us to pursue a fantastic leadership opportunity that in one, supports our professional development and personal development in a hands-on learning experience. It has afforded me to be able to focus on my studies and goals without having to pursue additional income. I would not have been able to contribute to the campus community as much as I have without it!”

-Gretchen Trast, VP of Internal Relations 2019-2020

“If the Union didn’t provide this stipend, I don’t believe I would have applied for my position. While the experience is invaluable, I couldn’t afford to spend so much time and energy at the Union, when instead I could be working more hours at my other job or taking more classes to graduate faster. If we want to encourage students (especially from underrepresented backgrounds) to take on these roles, the stipend is critical.”

-Farhat Bhuiyan, VP of Internal Relations 2018-2019

“As a freshman, I attended one of the Jones Leadership Center’s (JLC) general workshops on the topic of Finding Understanding, and I was inspired to seek further involvement in leadership on campus. The following semester, I was fortunate enough to join the JLC’s annual Emerging Leaders Retreat at Camp Manito-Wish in northern Wisconsin. This retreat proved to be an extremely impactful and formative experience for me, both personally and professionally.”

-Delilah Schuster, JLC Student Intern


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