Find support for a Badger who may be struggling

Badgers take care of one another—it’s what we do. As a Badger, we need to support our peers now more than ever. We want all students to live out their own, unique Wisconsin Experience. It is important to our campus values that we pay attention to the health and safety of all our peers and our friends.

During this pandemic we’ve heard students could be feeling isolated and alone, and it’s important to be present and look out for one another. A reminder that observing any concerning behavior should prompt you to reach out and check on your friend or peer – a quick text or phone call to say: “Hey — Are you okay?” can impact someone’s life in ways you might not know. We recognize it might not always be comfortable to start these difficult conversation however, we have many resources to help with uncomfortable dialogue.

The Student of Concern Report is a way for students and staff alike to notify the school about a student they are worried about, and to provide them with resources they may need. At the Dean of Students Office, it is our goal to support student success and to make this large university feel smaller.

What is a student of concern?

A student of concern is any student who is displaying behaviors that may interfere with a student’s ability to be successful at the university or disrupts the learning of others.

Why is it important to report?

The Dean of Students Office is able to reach out to these students, check in with them, and provide them with a wide range of resources. The goal is to avert more serious difficulties and provide support as the student works toward academic and personal success.

How to report a Student of Concern?

Simply fill out this form:

More information: