Free late night shuttle service during finals offers safe transportation options

The shuttle will run every 30 minutes on the half hour from midnight through 6:00 a.m., beginning on May 5 and ending on May 10. This service will supplement and combine with SAFEwalk and Bus Routes 80, 81, and 82, which are not available all night. This shuttle service, along with services already in place, will offer students 24 hours of safe transportation.

“Finals week can be a challenging time and we want to make life as easy as possible for our students. We want students to be able to focus on their academics and this is a small way we can support Badgers. College Library is the only campus library open 24 hours and we want to offer safe transportation services into the early morning hours,” explains Interim Dean of Students Argyle Wade. “After two years of funding, we’re continuing to monitor ridership to make sure this program makes sense in the future.”

According to Carrie Kruse, director of College Library, the nightly average during the regular semester at 3:00 a.m. is between 50-60 students, but during finals, nearly 500 students can be found studying at that hour.

“We hear a lot of positive feedback from students about the late-night shuttle during finals week,” said Kruse. “Even if not every student is staying at the library late or taking advantage of the ride, they really like knowing that it’s an option if they should need it. There is a clear appreciation for the service.”

Anna Hughes is a freshman that lives in Witte. “I like studying at College Library, but typically leave pretty early so I know I will make it back safe,” Hughes said. “It’s nice that during finals season that they keep the bus running so I can stay as late as I want without worrying about making it back to the dorm.”

The Division of Student Life and Transportation Services are committed to helping Badgers focus on their studies through the end of the school year, instead of worrying about getting home safely. This shuttle service is one small way to make a difference for our students.

“We’re very glad to continue a successful partnership with the Division of Student Life to help provide students with quicker, easier late-night access to College Library,” said Director of Transportation Services, Patrick Krass.

Best of luck on finals, Badgers! We hope you finish the school year on a strong note!

Final Week Overnight Shuttle Pilot Info – May 2019 (PDF)

Shuttle schedule May 2019