Meet your interim associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs: Office hours and ice cream coupons

Photo of Gabe Javier talking into microphone
Gabriel (Gabe) Javier, assistant dean of students and director of the Multicultural Student Center, introduces the Multicultural Orientation and Reception (MCOR) at the Wisconsin Union Theater’s Shannon Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on September 6, 2017. MCOR is part of a series of beginning-of-the-semester Wisconsin Welcome events. (Photo by Jeff Miller / UW-Madison)

A main priority for Gabe Javier, interim associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs, is to elevate student voices. That’s where you come in. Gabe wants to know more about you, where you’re from, what’s important to you, and what impact you want to have on your community. He wants you to come to his office hours. Gabe’s role is focused on inclusion and voicing underrepresented student voices and it’s his job to listen, learn, and make positive changes in our Badger community.

“Students are at the center of the work that we do across Student Affairs and it’s important for me to find as many opportunities as possible to hear about your experiences at UW-Madison, whether they be good, bad, or otherwise. My office hours are meant to be a time for folx to come and problem solve, talk about the intersections of their academic and social identities, and learn about the things that you care about and how I can elevate those things to other administrators. Most of all, I strongly believe that trust is built on experience- so I want to provide a forum for us to build that trust,” said Gabe.

5 Reasons to go to Gabe Javier’s Office Hours:

1) Voice your opinion

Gabe works to try to make each and every student feel welcomed, safe, and included. If you feel like your voice is not being heard or you’re grateful for your positive experience, come talk to Gabe. He wants to learn more about your time at UW-Madison. Both the good and the bad, he’s got your back.

2) Ask for new opportunities to get involved

One of Gabe’s priorities for this year is to “promote engaging experiences where students can learn from each other, dialogue across difference, and find their home on campus.” If you are looking to engage in the campus community or enhance your leadership skills, Gabe has a wide range of knowledge about activities and events being offered on campus, and he loves to share his knowledge.

3) Talk about pets

Do you miss your dog? Or just love animals in general? Come talk to Gabe about Dino, his terrier mix. He can show you adorable pictures and videos, and you can talk about your love for your fur-babies.

4) He’s a person who’s on your side

Want someone to talk to? Need some support and you’re not sure where to go? Gabe is always open to having a new friend and helping students find their way on campus. He would love for you to stop into his office hours to exchange in dialogue and connect you to support and resources to help you be successful.

5) Learn about his position

As the head of the Multicultural Student Center (MSC), Gender and Sexuality Campus Center (GSCC), International Student Services (ISS), McBurney Disability Resource Center, and Veteran Service & Military Assistance Center, Gabe tends to have his hands full, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He would love to explain to you all the aspects of his job, why they matter, and how to make an impact on your community.

BONUS: Ice cream coupons

** If you see Gabe on campus, stop him and say hello. He’ll most likely have a coupon for Babcock ice cream that he’d like to share. And who doesn’t love ice cream?

Are you convinced to come to his office hours yet? Well, his office hours are taking place every other Wednesday from 4-6 p.m. in the Multicultural Student Center. For more information about Gabe and these hours, click here. Or, you can follow Gabe on Instagram and Twitter.